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Most Beloved Chemicals
For me it’s basically anything chlorine and chlorine oxide related: sodium and calcium hypochlorit ...
30-6-2024 at 17:16
by: chloric1
Silver anode for making sulfuric acid?
[rquote=270605&tid=22936&author=D-glucose]I've actually tried this, and the results weren't ...
29-6-2024 at 19:08
by: chloric1
Possible Route to Copper Nitrate
[rquote=190172&tid=10089&author=kuro96inlaila]Can I synthesize copper nitrate from copper ca ...
27-6-2024 at 18:23
by: chloric1
Tripotassium phosphate
[rquote=430873&tid=64594&author=deltaH]There's a workaround:

(1) H3PO4(aq) + Ca(OH)2(s) = ...
19-6-2024 at 23:25
by: chloric1
Interested in alloys via thermite.
I like yo suggest making master alloys. These are super concentrated feedstocks meant to be added t ...
7-6-2024 at 18:32
by: chloric1
Fun uses for lithium carbonate or hydroxide?
Lithium chloride is moderately soluble in methanol while sodium chloride is only slightly so. I’d ...
19-5-2024 at 12:14
by: chloric1
Experiments to do with potassium tetraborate?
Actually, I’m about to make potassium tetraborate from boric acid and potassium hydroxide! I made ...
1-5-2024 at 13:44
by: chloric1
Inorganic synthesis using Co2 laser.
Would be quiet the endeavor if you made Boron Nitride and then used that to put armor plating on you ...
25-12-2023 at 09:33
by: chloric1
Phosphoric Acid from TSP
2-7-2023 at 19:53
by: chloric1
Why not just TSP and excess HCl
I’d like to make the point that sodium chloride is virtually insoluble in concentrated hydrochlori ...
2-7-2023 at 11:12
by: chloric1
Unexpected OTC chemicals. Your thoughts?
Wow! How fascinating! I don’t know hardly anything about beryllium chemistry as it’s always bee ...
17-6-2023 at 15:54
by: chloric1
Unexpected OTC chemicals. Your thoughts?

The paradox is that arsenic is perfectly legal to buy in our country if you are over 18 ...
17-6-2023 at 11:59
by: chloric1
Microwave Assisted Galvanic Bleaching with Dilute H2O2, Cu Metal, NaHCO3, NaCl and Graphite
Next up….chromatography with a Kotex!
17-6-2023 at 08:28
by: chloric1
Unexpected OTC chemicals. Your thoughts?
Yes of course but I verified the lethal dose for arsenic trioxide and decided I don’t want to mess ...
17-6-2023 at 07:55
by: chloric1
Microwave Assisted Galvanic Bleaching with Dilute H2O2, Cu Metal, NaHCO3, NaCl and Graphite
[rquote=685007&tid=159651&author=Texium]Cool, but that has nothing to do with your own shodd ...
17-6-2023 at 07:46
by: chloric1
Unexpected OTC chemicals. Your thoughts?
Browsing one of my suppliers for their price on fluorspar and I stumbled onto their listing for arse ...
17-6-2023 at 07:29
by: chloric1
Decomposing methyl iodide
[rquote=684970&tid=159646&author=woelen]Is it only a few grams? I would suggest going outsi ...
15-6-2023 at 16:57
by: chloric1
Synthesis of Nickel Sulfate
I don’t know if this will work or not but what about oxidation of nickel metal via electrolysis se ...
15-6-2023 at 09:26
by: chloric1
(HPO3)n Dehydrating agent (polyphosphoric or metaphosphoric acid)

This is an interesting and informative 13 page ...
15-6-2023 at 08:59
by: chloric1
Sulphur Trioxide and Oleum Using a Box Oven - Illustarted Practical Guide
Thanks! I was thinking that. You see in certain applications, sulfuric acid is actually CHEAPER th ...
9-6-2023 at 12:35
by: chloric1
Regeneration of bisulfate
If you clean up and crystallize your sodium sulfate byproduct, would you get sodium bisulfate if you ...
9-6-2023 at 09:40
by: chloric1
Bromide salt prices
I was in a Menard’s buying a garden sprayer and some storage jars. Walked toward pool chemicals a ...
20-5-2023 at 06:55
by: chloric1
Thank you VERY MUCH
[rquote=679812&tid=10249&author=Hey Buddy]

I do appreciate it! I have a paid app ...
8-2-2023 at 09:58
by: chloric1
Lead waste could be converted to lead silicate via diluted waterglass and added to wet cement to mak ...
4-2-2023 at 09:37
by: chloric1
Iron(II) sulfate monohydrate from eBay - looks suspicious
[rquote=378680&tid=55188&author=woelen]Recovering oxidized iron(II) sulfate is very difficul ...
31-1-2023 at 16:27
by: chloric1
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