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Bromine Source and Synthesis
I used to react 2KBr + 2HNO3 -> 2KNO3 + Br2

I forget where the hydrogen went, probably excess ...
29-11-2006 at 21:58
by: daryl
Nitric acid from ammonium nitrate?
I agree that stoichometry is an important topic to learn. It is taught in high school chemistry. It ...
22-9-2002 at 17:33
by: daryl
Preparation of elemental phosphorus
I distilled it in an atmosphere of CO2 and it doesn't burn as long as the CO2 is provided. No real h ...
22-9-2002 at 17:21
by: daryl
Perchloric acid preparation
I was recently researching perchloric acid, it appears to be a bastard of a chemical. Not only does ...
21-9-2002 at 14:30
by: daryl
Preparation of elemental phosphorus
bummer, I haven't recently tried to get anything exciting. I suspect it's harder nowadays. In Victor ...
21-9-2002 at 14:14
by: daryl
Hydrofluoric acid
Conc H2SO4 is one of the most useful reagents you can have. It is vastly different to dilute acid an ...
21-9-2002 at 14:07
by: daryl
Extracting Sodium from Sodium Chlorate
Admittedly, the yield of sodium is small, but if you've never seen it before, it's a good feeling. N ...
21-9-2002 at 13:56
by: daryl
Had an acciedent.......
My act of stupido was to attempt to heat some ruthenium oxide in a stream of hydrogen.

The hydrog ...
21-9-2002 at 05:38
by: daryl
In my younger days, I would build up a stock of bromine by reacting potassium bromide with nitric ac ...
21-9-2002 at 05:13
by: daryl
Extracting Sodium from Sodium Chlorate
Obviously, you have to use direct current to electrolize molten NaOH. I used a car battery charger a ...
21-9-2002 at 05:04
by: daryl
Red to White Phosporus
I succeeded in heating red phosporus in a CO2 atmosphere and distilling the phosporus vapour which c ...
21-9-2002 at 04:50
by: daryl
I vaguly remember that anhydrous HF does not corrode glass. I think it has to be dissolved in water
21-9-2002 at 04:44
by: daryl

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