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Europium(III) Oxide for sale
I've received my 10g order and it was packaged very very nicely :) price for shipping wasn't very ba ...
27-6-2023 at 01:52
by: foxofax474
Are you guys using ChatGPT
ChatGPT is horrendously bad at chemistry. I've tried using it on my chemistry homework, and it barel ...
19-6-2023 at 14:17
by: foxofax474
toluene --> benzaldehyde
[rquote=684937&tid=2223&author=Raid]I wonder if I should try what NileRed is doing, I have a ...
15-6-2023 at 22:29
by: foxofax474
Europium(III) Oxide for sale
How much would shipping cost to northeastern US?

And also BTW approximately how pure is it?
31-5-2023 at 21:20
by: foxofax474
Science equipment looking for a home
Hey @Dr.Bob, seeing as this thread was started so long ago lol, do you have any undamaged beakers, ( ...
28-5-2023 at 11:03
by: foxofax474

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