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Anti Static Pyro Compositions
Commercial smokeless powder reduces static sensitivity by coating the grains with graphite. This in ...
7-3-2017 at 14:25
by: gregxy
Gun design
There is a website homegunsmith (or something like that) that has all kinds of information. The sit ...
21-6-2016 at 11:03
by: gregxy
When looking for competent scientific articles
Almost any scientific topic has a peer reviewed journal devoted to it. Start with those. For medic ...
16-6-2016 at 10:32
by: gregxy
Gun design
You can buy replica black powder guns, they are legal and they are not considered firearms under fed ...
9-6-2016 at 11:49
by: gregxy
amerikan freedom
The budgets for this stuff are interesting:
FBI $8B - probably useful
NSA $1 ...
6-6-2016 at 17:05
by: gregxy
Looking over the border: EU-Regulations
A while back I accidentally glued my fingers together with crazy glue.
Fortunately I had some real ...
19-4-2016 at 14:03
by: gregxy
Looking over the border: EU-Regulations
This type of thing now effects things like owning a house.

My brother's water (in the garage) he ...
11-3-2016 at 11:28
by: gregxy
How fast does body build long protein
Body builders like to drink a protein shake immediately after their workout.
The idea is that the e ...
9-2-2016 at 11:06
by: gregxy
buying from China
I bought a 3D printer from China through AliExpress. Only $220 including shipping and 2Kg of filam ...
1-2-2016 at 12:45
by: gregxy
Should Pharmacists know what Potassium Hydroxide is?
When I went to the doctor to have an ingrown toenail treated she put a small drop of NaOH solution i ...
13-1-2016 at 11:15
by: gregxy
so basic it's almost lame
Deprenyl (selegline) a MAOI can be used to increase dopamine and may protect neurons as well.

D ...
13-1-2016 at 09:54
by: gregxy
Fire resistance
If you coat an object with a low boiling point flammable liquid, the object cannot be heated above t ...
15-9-2015 at 10:31
by: gregxy
Where do you draw the line?
The only difference between a government and a corporation is that you don't HAVE to buy a corporati ...
31-8-2015 at 14:09
by: gregxy
Where do you draw the line?
After a quick google search.

Portugal did decriminalize hard drugs in 2001. The results seem to ...
31-8-2015 at 12:09
by: gregxy
Where do you draw the line?
The only real question in the war on drugs is:

If "hard drugs" where allowed to be distributed u ...
31-8-2015 at 10:32
by: gregxy
The energy future
There was research done on using algae in ponds back in the 80s.

(I don't have the link, but I re ...
19-8-2015 at 09:48
by: gregxy
white noise machine
If the device can be modified to form a gas impermeable shell over the head it should be possible to ...
21-7-2015 at 09:31
by: gregxy
25 years later 25000 times more value for the money
All "Technology" is driven by Moore's law, which has been advancing like
clockwork for 50 years! ...
6-7-2015 at 10:15
by: gregxy
Oh yeah, no reason to be paranoid...
Here is an interesting article on how it is possible to steal crypto keys by
monitoring RF emission ...
23-6-2015 at 10:45
by: gregxy
Invert 555 Timer Signal
There is a circuit on the web where an extra diode and resistor is added to the normal 555 astable o ...
12-6-2015 at 11:54
by: gregxy
CUrrent job market for US chemists?
She lives near Sacramento CA. She started as a Lab Tech with the BS Chem at $15/Hr, and has been wor ...
9-6-2015 at 13:35
by: gregxy
CUrrent job market for US chemists?
My Daughter recieved her Bs in Chemistry a few years ago. She is currently working in a lab testing ...
9-6-2015 at 09:37
by: gregxy
"Bath Salts" Added to controlled chem list in LA
I have visited China several times over the past few years. Even though I am a white American, I re ...
3-6-2015 at 10:08
by: gregxy
The Strange Fate of a Person Falling into a Black Hole
You cannot have a perfect vacuum. If you do a universe will be created: ...
28-5-2015 at 10:23
by: gregxy
Ayahuasca psychedelic tested for depression
The thing that I found most interesting about using ketamine for depression was that a single dose w ...
19-5-2015 at 10:21
by: gregxy
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