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Harvesting scanned books from HathiTrust
THe script fails to work for me. I get this when attempting to run the script :

D:\Python27>p ...
17-4-2012 at 09:17
by: iHME
how many females here
I once met a female with a keen interest in HE's. Very interesting and strange at the same time.
21-6-2011 at 13:13
by: iHME
"Bath Salts" Added to controlled chem list in LA
Well they banned "3,4-Methyenedioxypyrovalerone", commonly refered as MDPV around here.
It is simp ...
7-1-2011 at 06:34
by: iHME
Rouge science
RogueSci is now UP!
The Forum is not up yet :(

I also wonder what will ...
23-12-2010 at 05:20
by: iHME
DIY magnetic stirrer
My magstirrer.
LM317 as a speed cont ...
9-12-2010 at 10:33
by: iHME
Rouge science
[rquote=194566&tid=12529&author=Ephoton]any hard feeling if I teleport pro it ?
9-12-2010 at 03:45
by: iHME
Rouge science
Well the edit time is over so I have to double post.

The archive is back online
http://ysatel.n ...
8-12-2010 at 17:12
by: iHME
Rouge science
[rquote=190352&tid=12529&author=Rosco Bodine]The logo image file is off symmetry by one pixe ...
6-12-2010 at 13:57
by: iHME
PETN synth
My PE appears to be the paint-grade type.
It was reasonably cheap.
It's not granular but instead ...
6-12-2010 at 13:34
by: iHME
1k for new labware, What would you get.
My chemresistant gloves are from the harware store. Thick nitrile.
Mine ware sold directly as chem ...
18-8-2010 at 11:17
by: iHME
The original poster is propably form a local forum I moderate.
Recently there has been a notion o ...
16-8-2010 at 05:35
by: iHME
Rouge science
Megalomania has posted on Alexeries board "" ...
5-8-2010 at 04:50
by: iHME
Ozonelabs 500 chemical Clearance Sale!
Are the materials only sold in the specified quantity?
Or can smaller amounts be ordered?

[Edited ...
13-6-2010 at 06:51
by: iHME
HDPE as a storage for Sulfuric Acid
My labgrade concentrated H2SO4 came in a UHDPE bottle.
The bottle is already stained black/darkblu ...
10-6-2010 at 02:24
by: iHME
I too can wouch for Czort/Tomasz
Ordered 10kg without problems and for only 25eur in shipping.

[E ...
1-6-2010 at 08:08
by: iHME
Latest chemical order?
4l Reagent grade H2SO4
0.5l Reagent grade (24%) HCl
0.5l Reagent Grade H2O2

Also bought some ov ...
6-1-2010 at 09:49
by: iHME
Nitric Acid Synthesis
If I have read right there was someone in this thread complaining about the lack of lab work in HS c ...
23-12-2009 at 13:57
by: iHME
Nitric Acid Synthesis
I took HS chem in 2007-2009, we had a separate course for labwork.
All the basic extraction, titra ...
23-12-2009 at 11:02
by: iHME
Reagents and Glassware in Finland
You can get Carl-Roth glassware in finlanf thru Cheminent (, But they will charge you f ...
25-10-2009 at 10:23
by: iHME
Maker Shed Science Room Grand Opening Sale
I hate the expensive international shipping, otherwise I might already ordered some gear.

[Edited o ...
10-10-2009 at 16:04
by: iHME
Thoughts On Anodes
It clearly reads as inch in my end.

"oups... it is 2x6 inch for the anode and the cathode. "
29-8-2009 at 09:38
by: iHME
Rouge science
There is one roguesci backup from 2008 with mega's chemlab included on piratebay.
I have already d ...
20-7-2009 at 04:56
by: iHME
Rouge science
It has been off the net before, but without any info and for more than one week?
That has not happ ...
19-7-2009 at 02:44
by: iHME
Rouge science
So what did happen? The only things I have heard are about DMCA takedown notices. (Roguesci did have ...
16-7-2009 at 01:17
by: iHME
Latest chemical order?
My latest order:

500g Pentaerythritol
500g Iron powder
250g Zinc dust
500g Potassium chlorate
13-7-2009 at 03:26
by: iHME
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