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Electric initiator
Hello there,

Personally I use short fragments of metal scourer (the thing that you use to clean a ...
27-9-2019 at 05:53
by: johnmay
Slow motion video of Flash powder rxn

Nice video, but next time try adding some powerfull light source to get the better quality ...
27-5-2019 at 12:47
by: johnmay
Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide
So yes I expected MEKP and complained when I got MEK, ...
25-5-2019 at 07:12
by: johnmay
Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide
[rquote=613289&tid=20&author=Simoski]The company that I ordered from delivered MEK and not M ...
22-5-2019 at 22:58
by: johnmay
Short question / quick answer - Thread
Hello twelti,

Maybe you should check it the other way - wrap it in alluminium foil and put it in ...
9-4-2019 at 12:23
by: johnmay
Indoor Demolition

Few years back I saw a video of some russian guy who was testing caps in something looking ...
15-3-2019 at 15:27
by: johnmay
Danger of flash powders and my stupid injury
Yeah, every starting pyro kid has to have their hands burnt, thats the way the lessons are learned. ...
3-3-2019 at 00:18
by: johnmay
Yeah, synthesis of EM in micro-batches is possible, just scale down amounts of reagents to fit you'r ...
28-2-2019 at 16:32
by: johnmay
Life after detonation
[rquote=601626&tid=22554&author=sodium_stearate]Where did that strange word come from?
[/rq ...
12-2-2019 at 13:33
by: johnmay

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