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Vanillin chemistry: Piperonal
Hehe :D

Yeah well, the stuff is pretty stable, but I have to admit I just bought it.
Initially I ...
23-2-2021 at 14:34
by: karlos³
Vanillin chemistry: Piperonal
Good job!
I used the same procedure on two aldol products of 3,5-dimethoxybenzaldehyde and octanal/ ...
23-2-2021 at 10:41
by: karlos³
Large scale anthranilic acid prep
Oh bubbles you're here too! :)
Of course you are :D

I miss the very nice grape flavour of that s ...
22-2-2021 at 12:59
by: karlos³
Polyphosphoric acid
I liked the P2O5/85% H3PO4 reaction to make polyphosphoric acid.
Seems like the best way to produce ...
22-2-2021 at 12:52
by: karlos³
OTC Oxalyl Chloride?
Thionyl chloride or phosphorus chlorides of course.
The former is OTC, in batteries... at least in ...
22-2-2021 at 11:46
by: karlos³
OTC Oxalyl Chloride?
You know how instable tert-butyl hypochlorite is?
Use a rubber stopper and it just goes *boom!*.
I ...
22-2-2021 at 10:42
by: karlos³
Anyone have a simple tetrapropylammonium bromide?
Tetraisopropylammonium salts are impossible, wikipedia says the following: [quote]Triisopropylamine ...
20-2-2021 at 11:44
by: karlos³
Metal/acid reduction of benzoin
As for the enamine/imine formation, you want to do that separately before over molsieves or under de ...
20-2-2021 at 11:42
by: karlos³
Materials science of spore motors
Star puff-mushrooms!
Or weather-stars as we call them here, because they act like a primitive barom ...
17-2-2021 at 12:01
by: karlos³
OTC Amine protection?
[rquote=655097&tid=157058&author=thors.lab][rquote=655095&tid=157058&author=Everythi ...
15-2-2021 at 20:03
by: karlos³
Everyday Chemistry (provisional)
My stirrers heating broke down(loose contact) and I tried to fix it...without being good or even ski ...
30-1-2021 at 18:04
by: karlos³
primary amines using urea and aldehydes or ketones ?
[quote]I've been part of this form for ...
29-1-2021 at 20:02
by: karlos³
Preparation of 3,4,5 trimethoxyphenylpyruvic acid
Why do most of your pictures except the last include a triple O-demethylation?
I guess you must hav ...
27-1-2021 at 10:42
by: karlos³
Rice husk ash, an amazing material and its uses!
Reminds me of the fly ash as catalyst sort of papers?
14-1-2021 at 07:15
by: karlos³
Rare and hard to obtain chemicals for sale
Yeah well, thats for sure, I'm not going to buy my ordinary stuff from someone like this.
But I sti ...
5-1-2021 at 13:51
by: karlos³
Rare and hard to obtain chemicals for sale
Whats your shipping cost inside the EU?
I had bad experiences with some polish suppliers demanding ...
5-1-2021 at 13:22
by: karlos³
The neurochemicals in nature
I have almost two kilos of akuamma(I even got a fresh fruit directly from a German farmer in Ghana b ...
5-1-2021 at 12:39
by: karlos³
Gamma Amino Butanal from GABA
[rquote=652463&tid=156841&author=unionised]Setting aside the question of making it; how are ...
5-1-2021 at 06:18
by: karlos³
What have been your longest or most boring reactions?
Substitution of 1,2-diphenylethyl tosylate with dimethylamine... was it a week or nine days, I would ...
4-1-2021 at 13:16
by: karlos³
Has anyone smelled hydrazoic acid?How does it smell like?Is it worse than chlorine,ozone and nitrogen dioxide?
And yessss my 420th post here, it's time to cele ...
3-1-2021 at 12:39
by: karlos³
Proposed novel 6-step syntheis of 5-MeO-4-AcO-DMT
[rquote=652473&tid=10950&author=arkoma][rquote=652439&tid=10950&author=zed]I don't t ...
3-1-2021 at 10:39
by: karlos³
Proposed novel 6-step syntheis of 5-MeO-4-AcO-DMT
Ortho-vanillin(or its 2-acetylated analogue) and methyl 2-azidoacetate to give the substituted a-azi ...
3-1-2021 at 09:02
by: karlos³
Proposed novel 6-step syntheis of 5-MeO-4-AcO-DMT
I ditched the chance of an interview with hamilton.
Screw vice.
They should at least pay well for ...
2-1-2021 at 09:43
by: karlos³
Ethylamine Synthesis
[rquote=652351&tid=18598&author=ChemistryGhost]I think propionitrile hydration with hydrochl ...
2-1-2021 at 09:41
by: karlos³
Need help finding a non flammable low temp boiling liquid
Whats with CaCl2/ice? That can cool down to over(below) -30°C?
That should be sufficient for your ...
19-12-2020 at 18:19
by: karlos³
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