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Your weirdest chemical that's gotten moldy?
KClO3 recrystallisation water
24-7-2023 at 11:43
by: karolus28
ANSU mixture questions.
Thanks for help,
It definitely must be the AN, even though I'm sure it has no additives besides Mg ...
11-7-2023 at 16:05
by: karolus28
ANSU mixture questions.
[rquote=673303&tid=158576&author=papaya] Composition is - 6:1 mass ratio of Ammonium nitrate ...
9-7-2023 at 11:18
by: karolus28
Ammonium nitrate solubility in different fuels.
So i did 3 tests of this today.

First was 45g of garden(34N) AN prills and 5 grams of methanol in ...
13-5-2023 at 07:23
by: karolus28
NHN based improved primary composition
Also, what are some good prevention measures to stop ...
19-4-2023 at 08:17
by: karolus28
ETN Synthesis - Not decanting

i just quoted some in ...
31-3-2023 at 05:44
by: karolus28
ETN Synthesis - Not decanting
But I think I can see what's going wrong he ...
30-3-2023 at 06:53
by: karolus28
Hydrazine sulphate with sodium bisulphate
One would probably end up with a lot of sodium sulfate contamination when crystalising out the produ ...
28-12-2022 at 11:51
by: karolus28
Where to find cheap sodium chlorite in EU
iirc, it's "THYLABS", 7% discount from my man thyzoid laboratories
17-12-2022 at 11:51
by: karolus28
Catboy Chemical Society
i need to attach that logo to my labcoat, i keep forgetting bruh
1-12-2022 at 09:08
by: karolus28
Zenzicubic - out of business
he said on his discord that it's wasnt really a raid and that it's complicated and he doesnt want to ...
24-9-2022 at 07:03
by: karolus28
PTFE HF distillation apparatus
now this is something
17-9-2022 at 16:30
by: karolus28
Filtering the impossible to filter: calcium sulfate and similar
I've heard of people putting "sand, coarse silica, alumina, even shredded paper" into the suspension ...
26-8-2022 at 12:22
by: karolus28
Det Cap Strategies
I'll review it. But that is duly noted. Whe ...
24-8-2022 at 13:08
by: karolus28
ammonium nitrate from cold packs trouble
maybe mix a bit of it with a little excess of sulfuric acid(drain cleaner should work too)? It shoul ...
19-6-2022 at 13:32
by: karolus28
European Sulfuric Acid Ban
Just a reminder that in Poland sulfuric acid drain cleaners are still available even online
19-6-2022 at 13:05
by: karolus28
I went to prison for my chemistry hobby
Wow, that's quite an interesting and somewhat moving story. Some people really are paranoid about ch ...
7-3-2022 at 12:41
by: karolus28
Drug Database Link
[rquote=670910&tid=158363&author=sauveurdumonde]but I can't download any of the doc/docx fil ...
10-2-2022 at 04:56
by: karolus28
What happened to NileRed, NurdRage, Chemplayer and Doug?
YT become more and more dicks. They even try to ...
7-2-2022 at 03:04
by: karolus28
Electrolysis of potassium bisulfate
i know it's not electrolysis but what about this ...
10-1-2022 at 06:57
by: karolus28
LL8 from Dr. Liptakov
mysteroius bhoice makes copper chlorate by membrane electrolysis, maybe would work using sodium perc ...
8-1-2022 at 08:17
by: karolus28
4 Students Burned At Maple Grove Junior High
wow it's weird how much media loves adding "challenge" to almost anything. no one ever called it a c ...
5-1-2022 at 09:32
by: karolus28
European Sulfuric Acid Ban
many acid throwers switch to lye
27-12-2021 at 02:46
by: karolus28
Synthesis of dichloromethane- question mark.
[rquote=669207&tid=158182&author=Neel]I think in higher concentrations, DCM is like a syrupy ...
26-12-2021 at 09:35
by: karolus28
What company to buy glassware from
chemland is cool if you're in Europe.

some times even cheaper than ...
26-12-2021 at 06:40
by: karolus28
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