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Benzaldehyde/acetone azeotrope
Does anyone know if one exists?
6-7-2007 at 00:10
by: kemm10
Benzaldehyde Smell
Most of what I've read about Benzaldehyde's odour, says it smells like almonds, but all the almond e ...
11-5-2007 at 17:46
by: kemm10
propiophenone and stuff
This should work, if you want to reduce the ketone to the methylene group. It's from Chem. Commun. ...
31-1-2007 at 18:53
by: kemm10
Stirrer and Heating mantle combo
Does anyone know if this type of magnetic stirrer/hotplate at ...
19-11-2006 at 05:16
by: kemm10
Willgerodt rxn: Styrene monomer -> phenylacetamide
[i]try using styrene (paint thinner at ~3$/litre). [/i]

Don't you mean resin thinner? I've neve ...
12-11-2006 at 16:11
by: kemm10
HCL gas generator
I'm wondering how to setup an HCL gas generator similar to the one in this article ...
28-7-2006 at 13:10
by: kemm10

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