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The latest 'refresh' seems to be have done sometime in March 2005.
For example, you can g ...
30-8-2005 at 16:19
by: kyanite
HOme genetic manipulation and eugenics (NOT ON PEPLE!)
Maybe it's that oil-eating bacteria.
I think I heard somewhere that the bacteria(oil eater) w ...
30-8-2005 at 15:12
by: kyanite
hydrogen:safer than petrol?
[url=]A safer source than metal hy ...
23-7-2005 at 12:03
by: kyanite
Wow, I'm dumber that I thought!:P

So we can skip all the bolometers and detector crap by us ...
17-7-2005 at 13:26
by: kyanite
Oh, I am so confused.:(
From what I understand from this thread, we can/want to(?) create a primiti ...
17-7-2005 at 12:54
by: kyanite
Amateur biotechnology
Has anyone read up on the Tobbaco Mosaic Virus?
It's a single-strand RNA virus, apx 6 genes a ...
29-6-2005 at 18:46
by: kyanite
Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide
I was in Wall-Mart today, (trip to beach tomorow:D), when I saw this bottle of water sanitizer. Chlo ...
29-6-2005 at 18:05
by: kyanite
Acid-base 'explosives'
Very, unconventional. This sub-category(or w/e) IS called energetic materials, and I suppose this is ...
19-6-2005 at 13:15
by: kyanite
Some errors
Hahaha, stupid me..... I need to get my head checked!:D:P:o
24-5-2005 at 15:17
by: kyanite
Some errors
Here's another error to add to the list.

[url= ...
24-5-2005 at 12:29
by: kyanite
Would just putting a thermometer in the solution work? Like just put it in the flask w/ the reactant ...
23-5-2005 at 17:55
by: kyanite
E2 reaction with Hoffman-like steric hindrance exception?
My question is where the double bond would go. I'm thinking that because of the bulkiness of th ...
23-5-2005 at 08:13
by: kyanite
Handling Nitrogen Triiodide NI3
Please, for your own safety, stop reading "cook-books". All they're good for is a lau ...
15-5-2005 at 07:02
by: kyanite
Extracting Vitamin C From The Juice Of Orange Or Lemon
Why go through all that hassle, when you could go to a grocery store/health food store and buy vitam ...
9-5-2005 at 12:31
by: kyanite
Um, okay....freon anyone?
Wow you lucky luck guy I hate you!:P Nah, just kidding.

Maybe we need a random thread(like at APC ...
9-5-2005 at 12:26
by: kyanite
Theoretical Synthesis of 4-Piperidone/Piperidine
I'm afraid to press any buttons!:o

I have no ...
5-5-2005 at 16:36
by: kyanite
Theoretical Synthesis of 3,4,5-Alkoxy-PEA
I don't know if this matters for mescaline, etc, but heads up- the amino acids are of the levro ...
5-5-2005 at 15:47
by: kyanite
Green arrow thing
Won't forget what those arrows are now...:P
3-5-2005 at 11:53
by: kyanite
Problems with Extraction
Heh, I never really looked into this prof's credibility, or know much about the people at UBC, ...
28-4-2005 at 17:51
by: kyanite
Rotting Meat - a graphical treatise....
"When I approached the meat, some of them stood on end and waved their little bodies back and f ...
20-4-2005 at 12:45
by: kyanite
Problems with Extraction
Opiates are decomposed by heat, so maybe holding it at 70 degrees for 2 hours and "mild" h ...
17-4-2005 at 13:19
by: kyanite
Is chemical education being cramped by current safety regulations?
Even here in Canada the situation is pretty bad. In a lab where we test for different gasses(H2, CO2 ...
7-4-2005 at 12:55
by: kyanite
Maybe its the_gender_changer!:o
31-3-2005 at 15:26
by: kyanite
how to remove the Br atom?
Maybe reacting the bromine acid with lithium or magnesium, then with water. Unless you are making ma ...
22-3-2005 at 14:33
by: kyanite
Pump for high temperature liquids.
Hydraulic Sytems are beautiful. If you could find a mini pump or if your desparate, a piston(add flo ...
8-3-2005 at 15:19
by: kyanite
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