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free Software for private chemists
I would love to have a good program for equation balancing, merck index substitute (possibly with da ...
24-1-2022 at 15:56
by: macckone
Looking for a hotplate stirrer for around $100 CAD. What should I get?
my only advice is stay way from hotplates that require a thermometer probe to work.
I have heard th ...
8-1-2022 at 09:18
by: macckone
Small scale production of H2SO4 in the amateur lab
[rquote=669804&tid=156031&author=Tsjerk]Maybe it is not all that practical to get sulfuric a ...
8-1-2022 at 09:10
by: macckone
HNO3 from kno3+hcl
[rquote=669784&tid=158256&author=underground]Hmmm. What if i made some calcium nitrate from ...
8-1-2022 at 09:04
by: macckone
The stigma against EM enthusiasts

Those laws are for the USA.
The TATP video is clearly not in the USA.
The membership h ...
8-1-2022 at 00:07
by: macckone
disolving carbon
chlorosulphonic acid requires either fuming oleum or phosphorus pentachloride to make.

Assuming y ...
6-1-2022 at 14:36
by: macckone
disolving carbon
Chlorosulphonic acid is the only solvent other than iron. ...
5-1-2022 at 21:02
by: macckone
4 Students Burned At Maple Grove Junior High
[rquote=669679&tid=18159&author=Vomaturge]A lot of people fail to understand that setting of ...
5-1-2022 at 12:55
by: macckone
4 Students Burned At Maple Grove Junior High
[rquote=669676&tid=18159&author=clearly_not_atara][quote]It is not clear if the students suf ...
5-1-2022 at 12:12
by: macckone
Questions about piranha solution.
[rquote=669621&tid=158173&author=Triflic Acid]Manganese oxides also react with hydrochloric ...
5-1-2022 at 11:45
by: macckone
Questions about piranha solution.

peracetic acid really is glacial acetic acid with hydrogen peroxide.
That is one of t ...
4-1-2022 at 00:20
by: macckone
Where to get Formaldehyde in Canada.
POM is also known as acetal in the copolymer variety and delrin in the homopolymer variety.

It is ...
3-1-2022 at 23:35
by: macckone
Sodium Borohydride synthesis at room temp
Another name for a planetary ball grinder is vibratory tumbler.
The difference in nomenclature acco ...
3-1-2022 at 23:24
by: macckone
Best cheap powdering equipment suggestions?
coffee grinder is probably most practical for 10s of grams.
most spice mills are not 'fine' grindin ...
3-1-2022 at 23:13
by: macckone
How common is long-term loss of smell if you get Omicron while vaccinated?
Delta is definitely more severe than Omicron.
Based on the anecdotal evidence most people recover t ...
3-1-2022 at 22:56
by: macckone
Where can I get penicillium molds for making penicillin?
Readily available at carolina - not restricted to schools and businesses. ...
3-1-2022 at 22:49
by: macckone
Hydrogen storage on CDs: breakthrough ?
carbon tetrahydride is an excellent hydrogen storage method.
I produce a fair amount daily dependin ...
31-12-2021 at 08:34
by: macckone
Questions about piranha solution.
piranha is good for organics.
It is bad for inorganics as a lot of oxides and sulfates are insolubl ...
31-12-2021 at 08:28
by: macckone
A possible fraud!
you can take it to a pawn shop that has an xrf and get an appraisal.
they will tell you the alloy a ...
31-12-2021 at 08:11
by: macckone
What company to buy glassware from
deschem +1

If you want custom stuff there is a thread floating around from a board member.

ama ...
31-12-2021 at 08:03
by: macckone
Stainless steel solvent still?
for seals you can also wrap normal stuff in teflon tape.
If you do it right you effectively get a t ...
31-12-2021 at 07:56
by: macckone
Attempt to make iron iii oxalate
A quite definitive test for iron oxalate is heating a small amount in a test tube until it decompose ...
30-12-2021 at 17:18
by: macckone
Synthesis of dichloromethane- question mark.
DCM is no longer available in 'consumer products' in the USA.
You can buy it from places like

h ...
30-12-2021 at 16:42
by: macckone
Sodium nitrate synthesis from salt
I am unaware of a practical solvent for separating ammonium chloride, ammonium nitrate, sodium chlor ...
30-12-2021 at 12:00
by: macckone
Where to get Formaldehyde in Canada.
It depends on the size of the tilt switch.
It is a single globule.
The volume is pretty low, maybe ...
24-12-2021 at 20:57
by: macckone
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