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The ordeal of my lifeā€¦ and a serious warning to British homechemmers!
We have seen similar silliness in the USA.
For example the former ban on borosilicate glassware in ...
2-7-2023 at 00:41
by: macckone
Are you guys using ChatGPT
ChatGPT has had various instance of going horribly wrong.
If it doesn't know the answer it makes cr ...
2-7-2023 at 00:32
by: macckone
PTFE coating easily done
Ptfe emulsion coating.
Will need to be sintered.

US $10.00 | 50-200gram PTFE Emulsion Coating Po ...
22-5-2023 at 05:04
by: macckone
Evansville, IN explosion.
Natural gas leak.
Unterminated line in the basement with an open valve.
The valve was opened 2 day ...
22-5-2023 at 04:53
by: macckone
High yielding and cheap method for the production of Potassium Cyanide
Excellent writeup.
18-3-2023 at 07:15
by: macckone
Why can't I make soft clay by mixing with oil rather than water?
Ps. Lysol laundry sanitizer is the perfect product for this application.
It contains both non-ioni ...
12-12-2022 at 15:24
by: macckone
Why can't I make soft clay by mixing with oil rather than water?
It is possible to modify clay with quaternary ammonium salts and make oil based clay. The following ...
12-12-2022 at 14:42
by: macckone
Testing Ion Exchange Membrane
All cations membranes transmit some anions.
Commercial membranes are 95%+ selective.
Some are as h ...
29-11-2022 at 20:36
by: macckone
Vacuum desiccator implosion risk (and how much vacuum is a Buchner funnel designed for?)
I think the biggest reason for a cage is to protect the desiccator.
If they implode you usually get ...
31-10-2022 at 11:51
by: macckone
Cleaning chromium(III) oxide stains from a flat bottom flask
If hypochlorite does not work, there is always chlorate and bromate.
Depending on how tenacious the ...
31-10-2022 at 08:55
by: macckone
Bugger YouTube
[rquote=674956&tid=157989&author=mysteriusbhoice]This is the main reason I mix my Vtuber con ...
23-9-2022 at 13:24
by: macckone
Zenzicubic - out of business
It looks like zenzicubic will no longer be producing chemistry videos.
No explanation other than hi ...
23-9-2022 at 13:13
by: macckone
Evansville, IN explosion.
Still no cause. If it was nitrate based they would have something by now. That leaves a gas leak a ...
23-9-2022 at 13:05
by: macckone
Is there a realistic way of DIYing a small catalytic converter for combustion purposes?
They make catalytic converters for fireplaces.
They are called catalytic combusters.

https://www ...
11-9-2022 at 21:25
by: macckone
Don't ballmill magnesium.
The explosive properties of magnesium are well documented.
At least you didn't have it fine enough ...
7-9-2022 at 10:42
by: macckone
possible synthesis of anhydrous aluminum chloride at room temperature
Do not put copper (II) chloride into acetone. It produces chloroacetone and reduces the copper to c ...
7-9-2022 at 10:30
by: macckone
Filtering the impossible to filter: calcium sulfate and similar
This isn't exactly a beginner question.
More of a how do you do it question.

We have all had to ...
26-8-2022 at 11:50
by: macckone
Evansville, IN explosion.
Still no cause. :(
One expert stated that it would have to be a full level of the house with a flam ...
26-8-2022 at 11:41
by: macckone
HELP! EU/DE/FR: Impending infrastructural apocalypse and possibility of civil war
grid collapse in the EU is much less likely than someplace like texas. But you may have to work aro ...
26-8-2022 at 11:34
by: macckone
Evansville, IN explosion.
Latest is the two victims in the house died from impact to the chest.
They are also investigating a ...
15-8-2022 at 15:58
by: macckone
Evansville, IN explosion.
Latest is no sign of a gas leak but think it was accidental. Improperly stored flamable liquids are ...
11-8-2022 at 12:32
by: macckone
Evansville, IN explosion.
Yeah gas explosions usually level the home but do not have a large damage radius. This was huge and ...
11-8-2022 at 07:53
by: macckone
Evansville, IN explosion.
ATF has been called in, improvised explosives?
Blast radius looks over 500 ft.

[Edited on 10-8-202 ...
10-8-2022 at 15:17
by: macckone
Why does vinegar only react with certain metal oxides?
It depends on the enthalpy of formation and solvation.
Even chromium (III) oxide will eventually di ...
11-7-2022 at 08:40
by: macckone
The situation with the delivery of parcels from Russia (
[rquote=673855&tid=158614&author=PirateDocBrown]Can they actually get red phosphorus into th ...
31-5-2022 at 22:12
by: macckone
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