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metal nuggets from sunflower seeds
Sounds like an interesting variation on the pyrolytic carbon foam: ...
7-1-2022 at 10:48
by: mayko
Menthyl acetate
Sutrisno, Wijaya, H. W., Retnosari, R., & Putri, D. E. E. (2021). Effectiveness of menthyl aceta ...
31-12-2021 at 11:13
by: mayko
Chemical Garden
The article DraconicAcid mentioned is very good; among other things it includes information on phosp ...
30-12-2021 at 11:54
by: mayko
fun with acetylene
Neat stuff! I once saw a version of the first demo, which was carried out in a long, sturdy glass tu ...
28-12-2021 at 08:31
by: mayko
Olive Trees
[rquote=508065&tid=80489&author=mayko]RNA by itself isn't infectious, [/rquote]

ooops! ...
27-12-2021 at 05:54
by: mayko
Synthesis of Photosensitive Sodium Ferrioxalate Crystals
I had fun with this one. Behold, the forbidden hard candy!


Junk, P. C., ...
13-12-2021 at 18:12
by: mayko
Pretty Pictures (2)
Discovered some fluorescent marbles among my mom's collection the last time I visited. The green &am ...
9-12-2021 at 16:47
by: mayko
Very good explanation of evolution with simulations
Cool video, thanks for sharing! I’ve always been interested in alife, evolutionary programming, an ...
21-11-2021 at 11:38
by: mayko
inventory software
I've been experimenting with collections management software, the same sort of thing that libraries ...
1-11-2021 at 19:53
by: mayko
Virally vectored immunocontraception
*wheezing* where's jessica hyde???
26-10-2021 at 15:17
by: mayko
Tips on filming reactions with a phone?
Lighting, background, and stability have already been mentioned; there's also composition of the sho ...
16-10-2021 at 13:30
by: mayko
A Beginner Microscope
The Foldscope was designed to be ultra low-cost while still adequate for things like checking for ma ...
14-10-2021 at 13:54
by: mayko
Non-polar chromaphores
What about live glowstick juice?
26-9-2021 at 14:32
by: mayko
Mystery Glassware Identification Thread
[rquote=662457&tid=31602&author=SWIM][rquote=655976&tid=31602&author=Sulaiman]I don' ...
20-9-2021 at 18:23
by: mayko
Chemical Tanker Seen on Highway
not me but:


[url= ...
12-9-2021 at 08:46
by: mayko
How toxic are Beryllium compounds really ?
My copy of the Merck Index was published in 1968, "half a century ago". Its section on the safety of ...
9-9-2021 at 14:37
by: mayko
Radioactive Minerals
I found this piece of blue apatite, which I bought at a hippy Crystals & Metaphysical Bumper Sti ...
7-9-2021 at 18:51
by: mayko
Future of carbon-free aviation ?
The nuclear aircraft was [url=]Project Pluto[/url], which ...
3-9-2021 at 06:25
by: mayko
I have a blog!
ugh, I've been living in anxiety about getting scooped for several years... in fact my main assignme ...
25-7-2021 at 18:47
by: mayko
Solubility of Copper Salts
Copper citrate is insoluble in water, at all temperatures as far as I know. It forms soluble complex ...
22-7-2021 at 06:41
by: mayko
Happy July 4 everyone!
"Remember those snake fireworks that seemed to disappear a while ago? Man, I wish they'd make a come ...
4-7-2021 at 18:19
by: mayko
Report on making metal sorbates
The manganese compound you got looks more like what I expected, not sure what's going on. My first b ...
1-6-2021 at 19:37
by: mayko
Report on making metal sorbates
I had some potassium sorbate on hand so I decided to try this. The manganese salt came out a butter ...
16-5-2021 at 14:46
by: mayko
durability of titanium in hot nitric acid/ethanol mixture
[url=]"alexa, what's a run ...
2-5-2021 at 09:27
by: mayko
Demonstrations about the science of plastics
A classic demo is to pour some adipic acid chloride into a beaker and layer on top of it hexamethyle ...
28-3-2021 at 12:05
by: mayko
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