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how to ship metallic mercury
500 grams or so that I bought several years ago came in a plastic bottle.
The bottle was placed in ...
15-6-2021 at 14:30
by: morganbw
Useful / Interesting Lab Manual
Thank you, Sir.
I only had time to give it a brief look but it looks to contain some nice synths.
10-6-2021 at 10:17
by: morganbw
16 oz of nitroethane. Buy or nah?
[rquote=661327&tid=157565&author=zed]It's brush cleaner. How could an innocent artist know ...
7-6-2021 at 11:25
by: morganbw
Waste disposal men, and no, not the trash-can kind
Just do the best you can. Do not just dump it into a creek or into a ditch.
This is something all o ...
3-3-2021 at 12:34
by: morganbw
Hydrazine process here outdated?
I am sorry for my thoughts, this thread, to me may confuse some armatures
and actually put them at ...
3-3-2021 at 12:29
by: morganbw
Vanillin chemistry: Piperonal
A really nice post and write-up. I have some desires to do some of the same chemistry but have not y ...
24-2-2021 at 12:32
by: morganbw
Quality post sir. Thank you.
11-12-2020 at 10:03
by: morganbw
Bromo-DDT, p,p-dibromo-diphenyl-1,1,1-trichloro-ethane
[rquote=650940&tid=154828&author=aromaticfanatic]How did you acquire chloral hydrate? Where ...
10-12-2020 at 19:37
by: morganbw
Benzaldehyde synthesis using aqueous nitric acid
Looks like you knew already what I was cautioning you about.
The questions you now have seem to be ...
16-11-2020 at 16:53
by: morganbw
Benzaldehyde synthesis using aqueous nitric acid
A byproduct of this synthesis is benzyl nitrite. It has a close boiling point to benzaldehyde. It se ...
16-11-2020 at 16:26
by: morganbw
Sodium Metal Production Idea
Shit please just look into prepublication. Maybe not for you but it is doable if you are not truly l ...
6-11-2020 at 14:15
by: morganbw
My buddy has a brachytherapy implant
I may have misunderstood, I often do. Are you saying that your are going to be reading the radiation ...
17-10-2020 at 12:41
by: morganbw
PPA extraction from proin chewable tablets
Nice post, this has escaped me and I am not young.
17-10-2020 at 05:26
by: morganbw
Where to get small quantities of acetylene
Just go to a welding supply store.
1-10-2020 at 14:27
by: morganbw
Societal Issue around COVID (in my city anyway)
Probably nothing here but there has been many death from maybe probably/covid in the small county I ...
1-10-2020 at 14:20
by: morganbw
Removing trace impurities from H2O2
I do not want to come off as being rude but sometimes if you need the good stuff you need to buy. Of ...
1-9-2020 at 11:53
by: morganbw
CBD THC extraction
[rquote=643691&tid=155053&author=S.C. Wack]Well then what does guidelines mean?[/rquote]
Th ...
26-8-2020 at 14:18
by: morganbw
CBD THC extraction
[rquote=643656&tid=155053&author=S.C. Wack][rquote=643632&tid=155053&author=morganbw ...
25-8-2020 at 13:59
by: morganbw
Storing Sodium in Aluminum Bottle
Just keep it dry, within the foil wrap you have or under some oil.
Moisture is your enemy but under ...
24-8-2020 at 13:51
by: morganbw
CBD THC extraction
Unless you are doing this out of sight and for your self, this shit is looked at pretty close.
Tha ...
24-8-2020 at 12:49
by: morganbw
Ideas for iron powder
I really do not have a handle on the chemistry that you really enjoy but there are some metal dissol ...
24-8-2020 at 12:42
by: morganbw
Concentrating Nitric acid
[rquote=328234&tid=26106&author=Zyklon-A]Yes, but it would be more practical to first distil ...
23-8-2020 at 13:59
by: morganbw
Methanol from Acteone
I have no clue of your country nor their restrictions,
Can you not just buy it?
I did.
20-8-2020 at 14:10
by: morganbw
Synthesis, storage of sodium ethoxide
I have only had a need for NaOEt and/or NaOMe a few times and always used the metal to get to it. I ...
20-8-2020 at 14:03
by: morganbw
Retort & Stand Questions
Hey guy, I have found that I need to place some weights on my base plates to maintain integrity. We ...
8-8-2020 at 15:23
by: morganbw
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