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Need to get water out of denatured ethanol
I am thinking that Calcium Chloride and Ethanol do not play well together.
28-2-2020 at 07:49
by: morganbw
My piperine extraction setup without soxhlet extractor
I have done a bit of kitchen chemistry myself.
Eventually I will get around to doing a pepper extr ...
23-2-2020 at 15:23
by: morganbw
Is it cheaper to buy or make hot plate magnetic stirrers?
[rquote=631439&tid=154856&author=Vosoryx]I built one, it sucked, I wasted immense amounts of ...
22-2-2020 at 18:34
by: morganbw
Aerial oxidation of ferrous ions
[rquote=631249&tid=154896&author=Boffis]I use ferrous chloride as a highly selective nitro-g ...
19-2-2020 at 12:35
by: morganbw
Waiting for acceptance...
[rquote=631320&tid=154880&author=itsafineday] I'm also excited about meeting knowledgeable ...
19-2-2020 at 12:27
by: morganbw
Glassware acquisition
I am sure you mind has been all over this already. If you have the room take your one ton plus of gl ...
14-2-2020 at 15:54
by: morganbw
Best materials for chemical work surfaces?
For an amatuer, I would have no problem using an ABS tray(translated to a floor) to catch mistakes.
8-2-2020 at 11:18
by: morganbw
What's the cheapest metal powder to make?

[Edited on 2/8/2020 by morganbw]
7-2-2020 at 16:30
by: morganbw
drying isopropyl nitrite with CaCl2
I did this decades ago using NaNO3 ( bought as a fertilizer). There was a little workup involved aft ...
7-2-2020 at 10:44
by: morganbw
Bromo-DDT, p,p-dibromo-diphenyl-1,1,1-trichloro-ethane
Nice post.
I considered a DDT synth a very long time ago. I have yet to do so but I do still have a ...
6-2-2020 at 16:50
by: morganbw
Graham condenser - explosion hazarded?
[rquote=630369&tid=154771&author=B.D.E]Thanks everyone. I'm planning to buy a new condenser ...
2-2-2020 at 08:14
by: morganbw
Molecule of the Month Website
Thank you.
1-2-2020 at 08:31
by: morganbw
Mysterious black crystals from sodium salicylate?
From internet search:

Active ingredient - Purpose:
Salicylic acid 17% w/w - wart remover.
Inac ...
31-1-2020 at 08:28
by: morganbw
Red Phosphorus Source
[rquote=630188&tid=154598&author=woelen]@karlosĀ³: I see a tendency in your posts to add non ...
28-1-2020 at 17:47
by: morganbw
Graham condenser - explosion hazarded?
I use one sometimes in a vertical position as a condenser for low boiling stuff.
I have had fairly ...
28-1-2020 at 15:30
by: morganbw
H2SO4 distillation with rubber gasket?
I have yet to distill H2SO4 but have concentrated it.

Before I would feel comfortable distilling ...
28-1-2020 at 15:23
by: morganbw
Turning Chloro Ketone into Hydroxyl Ketone ?
No clue why I am smiling.
25-1-2020 at 17:54
by: morganbw
Discourse split from Urushibara nickel thread
Well gentlemen, sadly there has been a couple of holier than thou post which has effectively ruined ...
23-1-2020 at 18:38
by: morganbw
Exact conditionf for preparation of Urushibara nickel
for the zinc/nickel coupling there is some information/not huge on the hive archives. There is also ...
22-1-2020 at 12:08
by: morganbw
latest glassware purchase
[rquote=629742&tid=71645&author=arkoma]A full face organic respirator!![/rquote]
Paint stor ...
19-1-2020 at 15:30
by: morganbw
Possible easy thionyl chloride synthesis
[rquote=629711&tid=154560&author=chemplayer...]Unless you've got a pro-lab set-up, probably ...
19-1-2020 at 10:43
by: morganbw
Bubbling dry HCl gas through a extract
The Al in HCl may not produce HCl gas, I get it, the chemistry thing:)
I do know that some shake an ...
15-1-2020 at 10:24
by: morganbw
What is wrong with MDMA production nowdays?
As Sir @j_sum1 stated NMR needs to be done and then read by someone who can understand the results.
12-1-2020 at 16:17
by: morganbw
Belladonna extract
When I was much younger I had pondered playing around with jimson weed.
I am thankful that it was t ...
9-1-2020 at 06:10
by: morganbw
Idea from making salicylic acid from aspirin pills, extract with hot water, not acetone.
This is an old memory but I am fairly certain that I did the extraction using isopropyl alcohol. It ...
9-1-2020 at 06:04
by: morganbw
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