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I think buying chemicals in a politically important/significant time is bad idea
[rquote=615962&tid=151284&author=Herr Haber]

Made ...
24-6-2019 at 05:15
by: morganbw
Table fan+window vs. outdoors, for ventilation.
Even if you work outside, common sense will still need to be used. The air is not always moving and ...
18-6-2019 at 14:55
by: morganbw
Are there step by step guides about trading chemicals online?
If I need/want to buy a chemical it is usually eBay or Amazon. To be truthful, I have received the ...
2-6-2019 at 12:34
by: morganbw
Stainless steel fell from the sky 400years before it was invented
I guess my question is does it rust?
2-6-2019 at 12:22
by: morganbw
Just a little confusion on the god-like complexes of our mods
[rquote=614012&tid=150613&author=fusso][rquote=614010&tid=150613&author=DavidJR]On a ...
31-5-2019 at 13:03
by: morganbw
Just a little confusion on the god-like complexes of our mods
Energetic Materials = never Detritus
Anything related to drug synthesis = always scorn and nearly a ...
29-5-2019 at 12:44
by: morganbw
best alkali reistant material
25-5-2019 at 03:23
by: morganbw
How to kill or at least repel or block ants?
[rquote=611809&tid=149732&author=fusso][rquote=611720&tid=149732&author=MrHomeScient ...
7-5-2019 at 15:01
by: morganbw
Do not buy this type of digital scales
Get some good calibration weights and then buy cheap scales. Some of the cheap ones are pretty accur ...
7-5-2019 at 14:55
by: morganbw
Removing KOH from K-GHB
[rquote=611853&tid=147915&author=Tsjerk]I don't understand solvents being used besides water ...
7-5-2019 at 14:45
by: morganbw
12 V vacuum pumps for filtration/distillation
I have intentions on having a pump similar to what you presented.
I plan to use it for vacuum filtr ...
4-5-2019 at 13:54
by: morganbw
Lying With Science
Discussions on climate change are so polarized that they offer no value,
only discord.

It is od ...
3-5-2019 at 06:56
by: morganbw
P2NP syntheses
I have never made P2NP so my part of the discussion does not pertain to that.

The aqueous MeNH2 i ...
1-5-2019 at 05:57
by: morganbw
detritus from Mallinckrodt thread
Please get a grip, sir. Please at least look at the data before you start your babble.

[E ...
30-4-2019 at 12:10
by: morganbw
Unable to concentrate nitric acid to 68%
You make me smile. Thank you:)
19-4-2019 at 09:44
by: morganbw
Where is Blogfast25 ?
[rquote=609023&tid=71575&author=Sulaiman]unless you think that you can personally help,
I t ...
17-4-2019 at 10:00
by: morganbw
Purification of sodium chlorate (removal of sodium chloride)
[rquote=607137&tid=147236&author=Laboratory of Liptakov]How to obtain NaClO4 from NaClO3 wit ...
2-4-2019 at 14:49
by: morganbw
Protocatecualdehyde > Piperonal ?
[rquote=607152&tid=147223&author=Chemi Pharma]May be this article will be interesting for yo ...
2-4-2019 at 14:47
by: morganbw
chemical waste books
Many plants from before their inception have the waste in mind.
I can give examples from a few plan ...
2-4-2019 at 14:33
by: morganbw
Mercury cleanup
I do respect the mercury salts and avoid totally the organomercury salts.

This being said mercury ...
31-3-2019 at 12:54
by: morganbw
Are there "best times" to buy chemicals online?
If you order chemicals and then worry about customs confiscation, well, maybe never is the best time ...
28-3-2019 at 14:10
by: morganbw
Can't decide which pH meter to get...
[rquote=606202&tid=146896&author=Sulaiman]If you intend to use your pH meter frequently then ...
25-3-2019 at 13:22
by: morganbw
Failed nitro-aldol reaction. Possible cause and fix?
[rquote=605737&tid=144546&author=zed][rquote=605651&tid=144546&author=zed]In my opin ...
20-3-2019 at 09:58
by: morganbw
How to ask my professors for chemicals and equipment?
[rquote=604955&tid=146306&author=fff]I'm studying in a university and I want to obtain chemi ...
20-3-2019 at 09:50
by: morganbw
Does anyone know much about how the mg catalyzed alkali reduction purification with dioxane works?
[rquote=604711&tid=146166&author=Dan Vizine][rquote=604703&tid=146166&author=draculi ...
7-3-2019 at 14:42
by: morganbw
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