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I have looked at his site in the past and I am confident that some of the synthesis are not correct. ...
11-8-2019 at 20:24
by: morganbw
Which number you like more: 1.99 vs 2.01?
poor attempt at humor

[Edited on 7/25/2019 by morganbw]
24-7-2019 at 11:21
by: morganbw
Making Benzene by Decarboxylation Video
I enjoyed the video.
23-7-2019 at 17:42
by: morganbw
Can MgSO4 be used as a drying agent for MeI?
Take care with the methyl iodide, its boiling point is pretty low.
Useful though.
21-7-2019 at 21:03
by: morganbw
Melting NaOH in a glass tube
[rquote=617944&tid=152024&author=teodor]Oh, thank you, fusso. So, I believe it is the same r ...
19-7-2019 at 06:26
by: morganbw
If chemistry is your pleasure in life, how do you enjoy it every day? Is love for chemistry spiritual or isolating?
[rquote=617397&tid=151803&author=Cou][rquote=617392&tid=151803&author=Ubya][rquote=6 ...
11-7-2019 at 03:13
by: morganbw

I know I yipped once about a thread that was closed but sir, I fail to see any possible d ...
5-7-2019 at 14:48
by: morganbw
Good for you sir,
give it a try and let us know how it went.

Love working with a bomb.
5-7-2019 at 10:53
by: morganbw
Benzaldehyde By Reduction Of Benzoic Acid
I think that the oxidation of benzyl alcohol with dilute nitric acid and just a touch of a nitrite s ...
4-7-2019 at 07:24
by: morganbw
Selling quite a bit of Silver Nitrate
[rquote=616748&tid=151581&author=Sulaiman]I've relocated to Shah Alam from UK so my chemistr ...
3-7-2019 at 07:02
by: morganbw
Just One Meal a Day Longevity Approach
Good post sir,
The merit with the one meal a day?
We will see, it does, however, mostly follow/ref ...
2-7-2019 at 10:31
by: morganbw
Selling quite a bit of Silver Nitrate
Good luck sir,
you are going to have to price it to the poor among us which I think is probably 97% ...
2-7-2019 at 10:20
by: morganbw
Table fan+window vs. outdoors, for ventilation.
Even if you work outside, common sense will still need to be used. The air is not always moving and ...
18-6-2019 at 14:55
by: morganbw
Are there step by step guides about trading chemicals online?
If I need/want to buy a chemical it is usually eBay or Amazon. To be truthful, I have received the ...
2-6-2019 at 12:34
by: morganbw
Stainless steel fell from the sky 400years before it was invented
I guess my question is does it rust?
2-6-2019 at 12:22
by: morganbw
Just a little confusion on the god-like complexes of our mods
[rquote=614012&tid=150613&author=fusso][rquote=614010&tid=150613&author=DavidJR]On a ...
31-5-2019 at 13:03
by: morganbw
Just a little confusion on the god-like complexes of our mods
Energetic Materials = never Detritus
Anything related to drug synthesis = always scorn and nearly a ...
29-5-2019 at 12:44
by: morganbw
best alkali reistant material
25-5-2019 at 03:23
by: morganbw
How to kill or at least repel or block ants?
[rquote=611809&tid=149732&author=fusso][rquote=611720&tid=149732&author=MrHomeScient ...
7-5-2019 at 15:01
by: morganbw
Do not buy this type of digital scales
Get some good calibration weights and then buy cheap scales. Some of the cheap ones are pretty accur ...
7-5-2019 at 14:55
by: morganbw
Removing KOH from K-GHB
[rquote=611853&tid=147915&author=Tsjerk]I don't understand solvents being used besides water ...
7-5-2019 at 14:45
by: morganbw
12 V vacuum pumps for filtration/distillation
I have intentions on having a pump similar to what you presented.
I plan to use it for vacuum filtr ...
4-5-2019 at 13:54
by: morganbw
Lying With Science
Discussions on climate change are so polarized that they offer no value,
only discord.

It is od ...
3-5-2019 at 06:56
by: morganbw
P2NP syntheses
I have never made P2NP so my part of the discussion does not pertain to that.

The aqueous MeNH2 i ...
1-5-2019 at 05:57
by: morganbw
detritus from Mallinckrodt thread
Please get a grip, sir. Please at least look at the data before you start your babble.

[E ...
30-4-2019 at 12:10
by: morganbw
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