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Inexpensive Mercury For Sale
I agree this discussion should get moved. Infact I need quite little amounts. That's why I said whip ...
23-8-2014 at 03:28
by: mrTrifaziux
Inexpensive Mercury For Sale
Concoction of acetone, acetic acid and methanol will be a big pain to separate. maybe a very careful ...
22-8-2014 at 16:50
by: mrTrifaziux
Inexpensive Mercury For Sale
[rquote=342623&tid=29871&author=IrC]Would it not be cheaper and more logical to make methano ...
22-8-2014 at 15:04
by: mrTrifaziux
Inexpensive Mercury For Sale
[rquote=342422&tid=29871&author=macckone][rquote=342388&tid=29871&author=mrTrifaziux ...
21-8-2014 at 11:27
by: mrTrifaziux
Getting me a lab power supply.
If you manage to find a charger that has adjustable current it might be me an option, but still no m ...
19-8-2014 at 15:25
by: mrTrifaziux
Bad days in the lab or with glassware?
I was boiling down some weak sulfuric acid to concentrate it and accidentally spilled it all on my h ...
19-8-2014 at 13:46
by: mrTrifaziux
Latest chemical order?
1l H2SO4
1l 35% H2O2
1l benzene
1kg KOH
250g Acetylsalicylic acid
19-8-2014 at 13:34
by: mrTrifaziux
eBay seller deschem
I bought Liebig condenser from them. Works to this day lol.
Also I bought 2 250ml RBF and some ada ...
19-8-2014 at 13:12
by: mrTrifaziux
Inexpensive Mercury For Sale
Too bad I live in Lithuania(you can't even get methanol here. Only from reagent suppliers), I would ...
19-8-2014 at 13:06
by: mrTrifaziux

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