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What does your periodic table look like? (collection)
Here's a few snaps of my Periodic Table.

[file]90388[/file] [file]90390[/file] [file]90392[/file ...
28-9-2021 at 13:10
by: nezza
What does your periodic table look like? (collection)
I've got small samples of every element up to Bismuth (83) except the two unstable ones. Tc and Pm. ...
28-9-2021 at 11:59
by: nezza
Formation of red Samarium (II) Chloride
Here's my video of Samarium dissolving in dilute hydrochloric acid.
29-7-2021 at 10:26
by: nezza
Sulphuric acid
Just a quick question about sulphuric acid. Will 90% sulphuric acid substitute for conc (98%) in its ...
10-1-2021 at 07:36
by: nezza
Water plus sodium
We've all seen what happens when you drop sodium into water, but I wondered what happens if you drop ...
5-1-2021 at 08:05
by: nezza
Cu, Ni and Mn selenites + photo
Cobalt Selenite is another colourful one. In suspension (I haven't isolated it dry) it is a deep mau ...
13-12-2020 at 03:11
by: nezza
Has anyone smelled hydrazoic acid?How does it smell like?Is it worse than chlorine,ozone and nitrogen dioxide?
I've worked with azides, but never tried to prepare Hydrazoic acid. It is rumored to be extremely un ...
11-12-2020 at 11:59
by: nezza
Do you know chemicals by their smell?
I too have a selection of esters which all smell pleasant and are pretty non toxic.
I have worked w ...
15-11-2020 at 11:59
by: nezza
Collection of bromine preps
Due to the UK's currently insane rules on sulphuric and nitric acid I tend to use excess phosphoric ...
20-9-2020 at 02:31
by: nezza
How useful is phosphoric acid?
At least phosphoric acid is available in the UK. With a bit of ingenuity and distillation apparatus ...
15-8-2020 at 07:14
by: nezza
Making sodium isopropoxide - Sodium is not dissolving
Try potassium. That works.

2-7-2020 at 07:09
by: nezza
Very low solubility of erbium oxide in mineral acids
Cerium oxide (CeO2) is different to the others mentioned here in that it has cerium in oxidation sta ...
11-5-2020 at 07:31
by: nezza
Inorganic compounds with most intense colour in water solution
Fluorescein is often used as a tracer in water. It is intensely coloured and fluorescent at very low ...
5-5-2020 at 13:20
by: nezza
Old bath oil is... fluorescent!
G-Coupled. I suspect the oils become fluorescent as a reult of partial oxidation.
4-5-2020 at 07:41
by: nezza
Experiments with Cesium chloride?
If you have any chlorate or perchlorate Caesium chlorate and perchlorate are pretty insoluble and ea ...
4-5-2020 at 07:38
by: nezza
Old bath oil is... fluorescent!
Most greases and oils are fluorescent. It's interesting to scan your oven and the area around it wit ...
29-4-2020 at 11:02
by: nezza
Could i use potassium ferricyanide instead of ferrocyanide?
Isn't there a method for making mixed cyanides by heating ferrocyanide with sodium metal ?.
31-3-2020 at 10:17
by: nezza
Potassium has a bluish tinge to me. The alkali metals have subtly different colours to my eyes.
Lit ...
19-3-2020 at 10:57
by: nezza
Easy to obtain standards for titrations and other analytical methods
You can buy volumetric standard acid (HCl) and base (NaOH) as 0.1M solutions on ebay.
29-2-2020 at 11:40
by: nezza
anomalies in chemistry
The classic ones are Ammonia, Water and Hydrogen fluoride. All have much higher boiling points than ...
8-2-2020 at 06:35
by: nezza
seperation of cobalt and copper
One way that might work is to convert both to nitrates and heat the solid carefully. Copper nitrate ...
4-2-2020 at 07:28
by: nezza
Looking for data on solubility of Erbium sulphate and Erbium iodide in water
Most lanthanide sulphates are sparingly soluble in water and many have retrograde solubility curves, ...
3-2-2020 at 01:52
by: nezza
How strict are you about using distilled water vs nondistilled/faucet water in your reactions?
Living in a hard water area I use deionised water for all chemical reactions/solutions.
21-11-2019 at 12:55
by: nezza
DIY black light
Fluoresceins excitation wavelength is in the visible at about 480nm (Cyan) so you should get away wi ...
9-11-2019 at 00:30
by: nezza
Molishch's test: experiment suggestions
1 naphthol does undergo azo coupling with many phenols, usually giving red dyes. A particular one if ...
24-8-2019 at 13:25
by: nezza
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