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Wired acetic acid impurities
Some additional info:
The Sodium bisulfate I used was straight from Pool PH down so its purity is q ...
17-2-2019 at 10:17
by: overvoltage
Wired acetic acid impurities
So I tried to make glacial acetic acid by heating Sodium bisulfate and Sodium Acetate.
I did genera ...
17-2-2019 at 10:10
by: overvoltage
red P in EU
[rquote=580344&tid=126761&author=yobbo II]
Just wondering could you you give red p a crude ...
19-1-2019 at 00:39
by: overvoltage
Buying chemicals
[rquote=510257&tid=81107&author=Assured Fish]Might i ask, what would be so bad about getting ...
7-4-2018 at 11:49
by: overvoltage
Lead coating of aluminum
[rquote=513426&tid=81790&author=Mabus]Doesn't aluminium foil have a protective plastic coati ...
7-4-2018 at 09:15
by: overvoltage
Using solid Sodium Hypochlorite to generate Chlorine?
Sodium Hypochlorite reacts with HCl to form Cl2 and Tablesalt.
NaClO + 2 HCl ----> Cl2 + H2O + N ...
7-4-2018 at 06:11
by: overvoltage

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