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Preparation of Hydrogen Cyanide
That photo is beautiful and horrifying at the same time :)
22-1-2024 at 19:55
by: pantone159
Selling Chemicals online
[rquote=689506&tid=160040&author=akmetal]50 ml up to almost $400 ...
15-12-2023 at 17:05
by: pantone159
Plutonium reactions - how'd they figure this stuff out?
Part of the answer, was working with extremely small amounts of Pu in the early days, to study Pu ch ...
29-9-2023 at 18:49
by: pantone159
Finding small amounts of Plutonium or U235?
In the USA, it is occasionally possible to get reasonable physical samples of Th and U. Beyond that ...
25-9-2023 at 15:23
by: pantone159
Nuclear shaped charge?
The weapon that was first used 'Little Boy' did shoot one piece of material at another, and this was ...
29-8-2023 at 05:55
by: pantone159
Louisville home chemist's house to be burned
Burning it sounds pretty questionable to me also. There could be plenty of things in there that are ...
28-8-2023 at 16:32
by: pantone159
Crazy Florida man arrested who also happened to have a PhD in chemistry
This was entirely creepy (to put it mildly), but that chemical analysis does not make much sense to ...
28-8-2023 at 06:54
by: pantone159
The First Room-Temperature Ambient-Pressure Superconductor

A blog ...
1-8-2023 at 14:47
by: pantone159
Where to get DCM?

I suppose 4L of HPLC gra ...
18-7-2023 at 09:26
by: pantone159
MOED synthesis (Brooker's merocyanin)
That is an interesting looking compound. Any chance that somebody could post the journal paper? I do ...
23-5-2023 at 06:24
by: pantone159
Mercury Cleanup Sponges on Sale
I tried to buy some of these, and my order was at first taken, for these sponges along with some oth ...
1-5-2023 at 05:55
by: pantone159
Sequence of 'color reactions'
The book Chemical Magic, by Leonard A. Ford, has the following demonstration:

Jug of Mystery.

13-12-2022 at 07:27
by: pantone159
Swede blow out his apartment with TATP
I seem to recall some paper posted here where some Israeli researchers characterized a multi-kg crys ...
23-10-2022 at 19:28
by: pantone159
Solubility of hydrated salts compared to their anhydrates
The numbers posted above for CuSO4 look sensible: The ratio of molar mass of the hydrate vs anhydrou ...
21-9-2022 at 15:56
by: pantone159
Where to purchase a C60 sample (Buckminsterfullerene)
Metalium has ampules of fullerenes for sale. Not cheap, $80 for 0.2 grams. I have one such ampule fo ...
12-8-2022 at 09:12
by: pantone159
New chemicals for sale !
[rquote=675211&tid=63883&author=PirateDocBrown]There's just no substitute for red phosphorus ...
19-7-2022 at 13:25
by: pantone159
Interesting copper complexes of cyanide
Nice work, as always!

Btw: I was not able to view this experiment on my Android phone. When I go ...
8-6-2022 at 06:58
by: pantone159
Is it now illegal to buy from chemcraft?
[rquote=671705&tid=158416&author=j_sum1]All the best, Chemcraft. You deserve it.[/rquote]
S ...
7-3-2022 at 07:47
by: pantone159
Cheap radioisotope sources
[rquote=671145&tid=85255&author=neptunium]if you can spare a few bucks, get the Radiacode 10 ...
16-2-2022 at 18:37
by: pantone159
Latest chemical order?
I conclude that my indicator is indeed bromothymol blue, as claimed by the seller, and not bromophen ...
2-2-2022 at 12:34
by: pantone159
Desiccant interchangeability
[/rquote] I looked and I cannot find any tables [/rquote]
I also had trouble finding anything with ...
26-1-2022 at 20:09
by: pantone159
Latest chemical order?
I think I have the sodium salt of whatever indicator I have, so it is, I believe, in a concentrated ...
21-1-2022 at 07:05
by: pantone159
Latest chemical order?
Bromocresol purple, powder, water soluble, 1g.
'Bromothymol blue', Na salt, powder, WS, 5g.
Fructo ...
20-1-2022 at 15:21
by: pantone159
WARNING: Explosive reaction between pool chlorine chemicals
Would cyanuric acid (instead of the chlorinated TCCA or Na-DCCA) cause the dangerous situation as we ...
7-12-2021 at 16:53
by: pantone159
Chemistry to do with thymol
As far as labels going blank/colorless: I have experienced this with some things from ChemSavers. Th ...
23-11-2021 at 10:02
by: pantone159
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