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Nitroprusside-ferricyanide solution
This might be of some help. It describes the proposed reaction between Simons (nitroprusside and ace ...
15-10-2008 at 21:01
by: phase_dancer
increase light input to solar cells
I was quite impressed with this guy's earlier designs, as they were featured on Australian televisio ...
7-9-2007 at 00:07
by: phase_dancer
Frodhe's reagent
chemrox; see [url=]this[ ...
19-8-2007 at 00:34
by: phase_dancer
Frodhe's reagent
For Froehdes reagent, 'Clarkes Analysis of Drugs and Poisons' states 1.0g in 100mL of conc sulfuric ...
18-8-2007 at 13:11
by: phase_dancer
N-(R1, R2, R3)benzylpiperazines
Physostigmine has been successfully used to treat GHB overdose.

[quote][Caldicott DGE, Kuhn M. ...
30-1-2007 at 19:36
by: phase_dancer
Chemicals/labware to avoid?
[quote][i]Originally posted by pantone159[/i]
How suspicious, really, is acetic anhydride? It seem ...
8-12-2006 at 18:14
by: phase_dancer
Poll: What is YOUR level of education??
Qualified as a radio & associated electronics tech (1981) and recently, a Bachelor of applied ch ...
8-10-2006 at 21:36
by: phase_dancer
Camphor Trees
A great source of info on C. Camphora, it's constituents and traditional distillation methods is fou ...
8-10-2006 at 16:42
by: phase_dancer
Camphor Trees
An important point with C. Camphora - at least in Australia - is that levels of the alkene (major co ...
7-10-2006 at 13:32
by: phase_dancer
Preparation of Peracetic acid
Peracetic acid produced via the above method (GAA + H2SO4 + 35% H2O2, stand for 5 days) kept well in ...
7-10-2006 at 03:45
by: phase_dancer
Iodine and tincture going List I
Iodine and iodide salts have been listed Cat # 2 in Australia for some time. Non-account holders wis ...
6-9-2006 at 01:43
by: phase_dancer
H2O2 from sodium percarbonate
Peracid formation from peroxide and a weak acid is in equilibrium. To form the peracid, a strong aci ...
15-8-2006 at 16:14
by: phase_dancer
Depolymerization of old Formalin
I find a few mLs of methanol added to the polymerized form and shaken usually fixes it, although it ...
29-3-2006 at 05:27
by: phase_dancer

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