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Strange explosive vapor. I call (Poppy gas) named as a kid
I don't think this yields 'chloorknalgas' (as we call it in Dutch), which is simply a stoichiometric ...
3-9-2020 at 14:46
by: phlogiston
Catalalytic effects of radioactive decay
I think Heptylene's logic in [url= ...
17-8-2020 at 17:24
by: phlogiston
Intensely colored explosives?
ammonium dichromate can be detonated, does that count?

picramic acid is brick red

tetrasulfur ...
24-7-2020 at 04:01
by: phlogiston
Pretty Pictures (2)
[rquote=641267&tid=26378&author=Herr Haber][rquote=641091&tid=26378&author=phlogisto ...
24-7-2020 at 03:44
by: phlogiston
Why doesn't anyone use glove boxes for things like fluorine?
Draeger, are you talking about amateur or professional labs?

Watching some videos of professional ...
23-7-2020 at 16:57
by: phlogiston
Nitrates in decent yield from the oxidation of melamine by calcium hypochlorite
There are many countries in which firecrackers or other potential sources of nitrates are simply una ...
21-7-2020 at 03:03
by: phlogiston
Pretty Pictures (2)
Belowzero, I was pleasantly surprised by the picture quality too, considering I used a 12-year old s ...
20-7-2020 at 16:24
by: phlogiston
Pretty Pictures (2)
A macro shot of an uranium mineral under short wave UV light.
The field of view is about 5 mm and t ...
19-7-2020 at 15:23
by: phlogiston
Simple exploding wire apparatus for nanopowders
You may have already read it, but if not you may find the following article by Steve Hansen interest ...
11-7-2020 at 15:23
by: phlogiston
Why does Radium form a nitride and not oxide?
It is discussed on [url=]this page[/url].
11-7-2020 at 14:17
by: phlogiston
What phenomenon this is?
I think you may have observed so-called antibubbles.

Sounds like a joke, but it is not: https://e ...
30-6-2020 at 14:26
by: phlogiston
Working with lead compounds
I use a combination of:
(1) Extra regard to lab hygiene. Work as cleanly and neatly as possible. Cl ...
25-6-2020 at 13:41
by: phlogiston
laboratory inventory auction
I came across this auction for laboratory inventory and thought some of you might be interested:

25-6-2020 at 12:53
by: phlogiston
Mining highly active Uranium ore
Thanks for posting, I've been curous about that area.

Any plans to extract U from the ore?

I ...
7-5-2020 at 03:53
by: phlogiston
About some details of the Birkeland-Eyde nitric acid synthesis
[quote]I have a very limited understanding of how electricity works.[/quote]

Note that this is li ...
6-4-2020 at 13:25
by: phlogiston
Suggestion : Buy yourself an oxygen generator NOW
These machines go for much higher prices at the moment though.
25-3-2020 at 02:44
by: phlogiston
Sodium permanganate
[quote]The question is : will Ca(OCl)2 disproportionate into chlorate upon heating in solution?[/quo ...
24-3-2020 at 16:05
by: phlogiston
DIY C-virus masks. No politics, science only so we don't lose the thread again
How long does UV take to kill viruses? I would ...
24-3-2020 at 03:23
by: phlogiston
Filter "cartridge" from homemade materials
Gore-tex maybe?
You probably need a pretty large surface area of that though to allow enough air to ...
17-3-2020 at 07:24
by: phlogiston
Blue gases?
Potassium gas is deep blue. The blue color is very easily visible when distilling potassium.
14-3-2020 at 04:03
by: phlogiston
Original Jack Roberts compounds
The label on the ampoule with the 14C-labeled compound is marked 4/29/53, which I presume is a date. ...
10-3-2020 at 14:50
by: phlogiston
Rosco Bodine has been banned
I think the mods have been extremely patient with RB.

I am happy that polverone and the mods keep ...
10-3-2020 at 07:41
by: phlogiston
How to research biochemical synthesis pathways?
There are many ways to get to Rome. Typical strategies are:

1) Find mutants that are unable to ma ...
10-3-2020 at 07:11
by: phlogiston
My daughter is breeding flies - and the smell is awful! Help!
I'm Dutch too, and my house definitely does have a vent on the roof for the sewer.
I've had to repa ...
3-3-2020 at 08:15
by: phlogiston
Fusion breakthrough claimed
Yes, many questions. The article does not describe the discovery well enough in proper technical ter ...
28-2-2020 at 14:52
by: phlogiston
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