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This thread is very complicated and emotionally charged for me. There are horrible drugs out there f ...
7-10-2014 at 23:55
by: quantime
I like this one ...
18-8-2014 at 20:27
by: quantime
I definitely want one.

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14-8-2014 at 18:17
by: quantime
Chris, it is the other way around. The gas law is PV=NRT. Pressure is proportional to temperature. L ...
14-8-2014 at 07:44
by: quantime
clove oil
I have distilled clove oil using water. It made two different oil layers. The clove oils are powerfu ...
13-8-2014 at 15:04
by: quantime
use the https site - ignore the message
That message is just a stupid message that says the certificate is not tied back to an authority. In ...
12-8-2014 at 12:56
by: quantime
bacteria that eats electricity ...
21-7-2014 at 18:50
by: quantime
it seems different for different plants
To the best of my experiments:

Fresh orange peel works, dry orange peel does not work.
Dry laven ...
8-7-2014 at 11:46
by: quantime
zvs driver
I have built this driver and used it extensively for some big plasma globes I made. The ZVS is a fan ...
8-7-2014 at 00:22
by: quantime
I was about to try this reduction in just acetophenone. Is that and idea you have tried? Acetophenon ...
6-7-2014 at 09:37
by: quantime
hybridized orbitals math tricks
I read chapter 6 and 7 of the first link again last night, and I came to a similar conclusion. The h ...
6-7-2014 at 09:16
by: quantime
sz2 + px + py = sp3?
sz2 what is that?, two s orbitals along the z-axis?

is sz2 one orbital or two?
5-7-2014 at 18:03
by: quantime
does an orbital exist if there are no eletrons in it?
No, it has three hybrid orbitals (three sp[sup]2[/sup]) and an empty p orbital. That's four valence ...
5-7-2014 at 17:46
by: quantime
very interesting
DraconicAcetate - Please, yes, BH3 has 2spx 2spy 2spz hybridized valence orbitals. All three valence ...
5-7-2014 at 15:36
by: quantime
good work
I think what you are doing is fantastic. I am teaching myself o-chem and I read your wiki as much as ...
4-7-2014 at 00:34
by: quantime
still not right yet
The question is why in hell does an H(-) anion stick into a borane BH3 to form borohydride? It seems ...
4-7-2014 at 00:16
by: quantime
very helpful - yes borohydride
Thanks forgotten password! I hope you remember your password.

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2-7-2014 at 15:19
by: quantime
studying the borohydrate anion
I am trying to understand the borohydrate ion, BH4(-)

Boron, the atomic number = 5, so elemental ...
2-7-2014 at 14:16
by: quantime

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