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Calcium gluconate preparation......
can you not use any soluble Ca-salt that will react with HF preciptating CaF2?

I wonder if the g ...
13-2-2005 at 09:06
by: rikkitikkitavi
Ratio H2SO4-NH4NO3 compared to H2SO4-HNO3
If you use vacuum distillation of HNO3 the boiling point will be far less than 100 C, which makes th ...
12-2-2005 at 02:41
by: rikkitikkitavi
Hope I didn't waste my money
to return to the originall question:

Mix the HgSO4 with iron fillings, the finer the better.

9-1-2005 at 00:00
by: rikkitikkitavi
Separation of Mg(OH)2 from Ca(OH)2
neutralize the lime mix with HCL to about pH 10.
At this pH only partially Mg(OH)2 is dissolved , ...
6-1-2005 at 07:16
by: rikkitikkitavi
Super-high temperature carbon-steel furnace
well actually it is not the gas that cools only, it is quite a lot of radiant cooling aswell.

Th ...
6-1-2005 at 07:08
by: rikkitikkitavi
Electrical Furnace Contruction - My design and implementation
I am not american , but I have seen 115 V, but that is probably just laziness (230 V European standa ...
28-12-2004 at 13:11
by: rikkitikkitavi
cheap NaOH
Actually it does occur. T
he problem is that the decomposition rate is slow , even at the melting p ...
14-11-2004 at 06:49
by: rikkitikkitavi
Best acid combination to erode steel.
try hot diluted sulfuric acid, about 15-50 %. preferably boiling , it will not give off gases like H ...
27-10-2004 at 08:51
by: rikkitikkitavi
Carbon arc Furnace
sorry ignaro, but the capacitor has to be a BIG one. And you will not achieve current regulation eit ...
22-10-2004 at 22:31
by: rikkitikkitavi
Electrolysis of Nitrates
Actually, CaO reacts immediately with water to
Ca(OH)2 . The reaction can be slow or fast, dependi ...
17-10-2004 at 13:35
by: rikkitikkitavi
More on PbO2 electrodes
about sintering teflon and filler I dont know exactly how to do it. There is probably a lot of infor ...
12-10-2004 at 10:34
by: rikkitikkitavi
More on PbO2 electrodes
teflon cant be melted.
but it can be grounded into a fine powder which then is sintered.

It is ...
8-10-2004 at 08:42
by: rikkitikkitavi
More on PbO2 electrodes
no, we dont want you to risk anything :D

I was thinking about wether it could be considered a &qu ...
5-10-2004 at 13:14
by: rikkitikkitavi
More on PbO2 electrodes
is you newly plated PbO2 hard and adhering or is it more like powder that has been clad into place? ...
5-10-2004 at 09:21
by: rikkitikkitavi
H2O2 by ozone -- The slow method.
but first you will ozidize any organic matter so it would be best to seal the vessel so no dust can ...
2-10-2004 at 22:05
by: rikkitikkitavi
Methyl Acetylides
rouge chemist, foul smelling components are typically present in C2H2 made from CaC2. The latter als ...
30-9-2004 at 12:25
by: rikkitikkitavi
Nitric Acid Synthesis
Ca(NO3)2 starts to decompose at 500 C , above melting point the decomposition is vigorous acording t ...
18-9-2004 at 08:51
by: rikkitikkitavi
More on PbO2 electrodes
axehandle, formica is also known as the polymer used in "perstorpsplattan".

have you c ...
18-9-2004 at 07:34
by: rikkitikkitavi
Electrical Furnace Contruction - My design and implementation
I think you will have problems with teh electrical connection to the wire-electrodes since the latte ...
17-6-2004 at 11:49
by: rikkitikkitavi
The most dangerous, expensive and inneficient way of making HCl!
actually, HCl has/is made industrial in this way.

Cl2 is burned in H2atmosphere (excess) in speci ...
14-6-2004 at 09:15
by: rikkitikkitavi
FTP Server #2
that is their way of explaining that someone spilled out a can of coke on one of the routers...
or ...
27-5-2004 at 11:20
by: rikkitikkitavi
Metal melting propane furnace construction
what is wrong with the present refractory?
perlite + fire proof cement which itself could withstand ...
6-5-2004 at 10:26
by: rikkitikkitavi
NaClO4 production using a Pt clad Ti anode and a Ti cathode.
you can use carbon anodes for ClO3-, but they will erode , making filtering of the solution necessar ...
30-4-2004 at 15:29
by: rikkitikkitavi
NaClO4 production using a Pt clad Ti anode and a Ti cathode.

you probably know of th ...
30-4-2004 at 14:22
by: rikkitikkitavi
I would say:

use an excess of Ca(OH)2 , mixed with Na2CO3. CaCO3 preciptates and drives the react ...
22-4-2004 at 10:41
by: rikkitikkitavi
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