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legality of explosives in uk?
Hi Deltawars,

The <100g exception only applies to manufacturing (You don't need a manufacturin ...
6-11-2014 at 09:18
by: strontiumred
Manganates... not PERmanganates (Mn V and VI Redox Chemistry)
Glad it worked well for you.
26-8-2014 at 07:00
by: strontiumred
Member Websites - A Compiled List !!

I'm creating a website looking at transition metal chemistry:

Still ...
15-8-2014 at 03:55
by: strontiumred
Looking over the border: EU-Regulations
It would be a great shame if you took down your website Woelen, as it has provided a great deal of i ...
15-8-2014 at 03:16
by: strontiumred
UK plans stricter controls on poisons and explosives
Hi Folks,

These changes have been on the table for over three years now and there was a chance to ...
11-8-2014 at 11:04
by: strontiumred
Manganates... not PERmanganates (Mn V and VI Redox Chemistry)
Hi zts16,

There is quite a lot of info about Manganate and Hypomanganate on my website.
Scroll d ...
11-8-2014 at 09:30
by: strontiumred
Selling it all!
Couldn't you just get a divorce? :-)
12-10-2012 at 06:10
by: strontiumred
More 'meth making' chems banned in australia.
Well I hope the good folk of Australia don't own any platinum/palladium jewellery.

[Edited on 11 ...
11-10-2012 at 01:25
by: strontiumred
LP Chemicals
Are you using this site:

I haven't ordered anything from them for a ...
10-10-2012 at 06:08
by: strontiumred
Very low solubility of erbium oxide in mineral acids
Hi woelen,

I was able to dissolve 50mg of erbium oxide in 1.5ml of 10% HCl with some heating. Ma ...
7-10-2012 at 07:14
by: strontiumred
Looking for platinum wire ...
20-6-2012 at 00:21
by: strontiumred
Ebay supplier - legit or not?
Artcraft is also totally legit. I have ordered several of these salts from them over the years and ...
26-5-2012 at 06:40
by: strontiumred
Yes - I got exactly the same thing. Became almost a red wine colour after a week or so. It may be ...
27-3-2012 at 02:48
by: strontiumred
1g Osmium and 1g Iridium for sale
Just to say I bought some PGM salts from Fleaker and was impressed with the price and the service. ...
8-3-2012 at 04:58
by: strontiumred
Scientific Laboratory Supplies Ltd
Hi Folks,

Just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with this company http://www.scientificla ...
27-2-2012 at 08:57
by: strontiumred
Beryllium Toxicity
Just a word of caution - I bought some Be for my element collection and found I was allergic to it. ...
22-2-2012 at 02:09
by: strontiumred
Dissolving cadmium metal in acid?
I've only tried it with cadmium powder.

I added 250mg of cadmium powder to 4ml of 10% hydrochlori ...
13-2-2012 at 10:25
by: strontiumred
Experiments with Cesium chloride?
Hi Jamit,

Try this one - It worked well for me: ...
30-1-2012 at 08:38
by: strontiumred
The Restriction of a Chemical Element
I'm with you 100% on the "Compact Fluorescent Lamp" issue Anders. It's absolutely outrageous that w ...
30-11-2011 at 04:59
by: strontiumred
Problem in making tungsten compounds
I think you need alkali and an oxidizing agent to make tungstate. Perhaps try adding dry sodium hyd ...
10-11-2011 at 02:18
by: strontiumred
Scared of ClO2
It's all about understanding the risk. If I had read up on the compound first I would probably have ...
5-11-2011 at 08:22
by: strontiumred
Scared of ClO2
The only serious incident I had was probably the result of chlorine dioxide. I was trying to make t ...
5-11-2011 at 08:03
by: strontiumred
Nickel and Titanium complexes
Looking at my notes there there was a slight excess of alkali used. The molarity of the EDTA was 0. ...
31-10-2011 at 09:01
by: strontiumred
The best Alcohols for Heating
When I first used my alcohol burner I used isopropanol but I found this created lots of ugly black s ...
31-10-2011 at 06:40
by: strontiumred
Nickel and Titanium complexes
Hi Mixell,

The dmg was dissolved in 3% sodium hydroxide to form a pale yellow liquid - It hardly ...
31-10-2011 at 06:17
by: strontiumred
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