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Vision for the futuree
I have a lot of busness ideaa not worried
5 that involve nitinol
3 that involve cannabis
A motori ...
18-6-2018 at 01:25
by: symboom
Solidified Acids with Silica Gel
I looked it up i didnot knoe and my post should have had more info i was going to say i dont see why ...
17-6-2018 at 11:32
by: symboom
Solidified Acids with Silica Gel
Fischer esterification or Fischer–Speier esterification is a special type of esterification by ref ...
16-6-2018 at 10:42
by: symboom
Synthysis of many ammonium salts

Ammonium is a tricky ion unlike sodium athough it is grouped with the alkali metals such as a merc ...
15-6-2018 at 19:55
by: symboom
Synthysis of many ammonium salts
Terrible name for the thread im tired of there being no information on salts

Sodium Borate
Ammon ...
15-6-2018 at 17:37
by: symboom
Getting Calcium metal by thermite reaction with Al ?
I found the wikipedia page and thought that was a process
That could be done

Aga so you know
M ...
15-6-2018 at 15:47
by: symboom
Getting Calcium metal by thermite reaction with Al ?
Off topic but i finally found a great process to make calcium metal

Henri Moissan first isolated ...
15-6-2018 at 10:29
by: symboom
Chemistry Lab for members similar to genspace
Lost the link for chemistry related part
So sorry about missing information

Citizen scie ...
13-6-2018 at 15:39
by: symboom
Chemistry Lab for members similar to genspace
Symboom Changed title from
Article That Is Not About Citizen Chemistry or chemistry at all
To a su ...
13-6-2018 at 09:52
by: symboom
Azeotropic dehydration of oxalic acid with toluene
Looks great i thought i was reading it in prepublication
6-6-2018 at 12:53
by: symboom
Open source Journal's
A sciencemadness journal or we could publish in one of these Journals


Beilstein Journa ...
5-6-2018 at 10:02
by: symboom
Prepublication section, why not make a amateur-scientific journal ?
Wow looks nice. Great page layout

[Edited on 5-6-2018 by symboom]
4-6-2018 at 22:28
by: symboom
Extracting Hexamine/trioxane from fuel tablets + Discord Server For SCM
Incidentally, trioxane is the only substance I'm aware of that forms flexible crystals like that. Ar ...
3-6-2018 at 23:57
by: symboom
Silver chlorate-properties
This thread gave me an idea

I have do ...
31-5-2018 at 21:32
by: symboom
YouTube Channels I found
Thanks for making a list those links make it easier to download and upload and save videos on the sc ...
31-5-2018 at 14:16
by: symboom
Discord Server for Chemists
Same here whats the status
30-5-2018 at 15:06
by: symboom
Tired of reporting spam
I like your idea and not responding to spam would make it easier but unfortunatly we have to open up ...
28-5-2018 at 11:46
by: symboom
making ammonium chloride/sal ammoniac
Urea and zinc chloride froming in souble zinc cyanate and ammonium chloride solution i think many tr ...
26-5-2018 at 11:45
by: symboom
Phosphorus pentachloride, easy AF preperation
If phosphine is decomposed into phosphourous and hydrogen then chlorine is introduced explosive form ...
25-5-2018 at 11:21
by: symboom
Urea to Ammonium nitrate
Your right no new nitrate ions only a conversion
Of urea to ammonium nitrate maybe aga is right I g ...
24-5-2018 at 07:36
by: symboom
Urea to Ammonium nitrate
Using silver nitrate to turn urea into silver nitrate and ammonium nitrate

Silver nitrate reacts ...
23-5-2018 at 11:36
by: symboom
Home chemistry society
Hobby chemists have gone from creators to destroyers, and chemistry has been villainised

These ar ...
23-5-2018 at 01:30
by: symboom
Here is the elements isolated by the comunity 32 elements
32 elements isolated
Out of 92 elements
We are 1/3 the way there
Someone double check this

Ars ...
22-5-2018 at 20:39
by: symboom
A way to compille procedures from a long thread...
... I found a way to use the search function to maybe stich together updates on projects it takes a ...
19-5-2018 at 16:50
by: symboom
What elements have you isolated?
Acually that was exactly i had in mand a lot more organized and detailed too
Yes extraction from ba ...
19-5-2018 at 08:03
by: symboom
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