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Mineral Oil
I've always used Liquid Paraffin (250ml amber bottles) from UK pharmacies such as Boots, and it's be ...
18-6-2012 at 05:29
by: theobromacacao
Does anyone here have the expertise and facilities available to ampoule reasonably large quanitities ...
11-9-2011 at 05:51
by: theobromacacao
Latest Update
Elements left now are:

Native Ag crystal
250mg Tl
200mg As
50mg Pt foil
Several W filaments
25-8-2011 at 13:37
by: theobromacacao
Elements for sale or trade
Update: The La, Mn, Nb, 1 x V pellet and 2 x W filaments have now been sold!

I also have for sale ...
19-8-2011 at 05:35
by: theobromacacao
Silver & Iodine Pictures
Not the best pictures in the world from my little mobile phone, but will give you an idea hopefully!
19-8-2011 at 00:18
by: theobromacacao
Elements for sale or trade
I don't have any current pictures (yet) of my upgraded periodic table, but I do have a short video t ...
18-8-2011 at 07:45
by: theobromacacao
Elements for sale or trade
Due to upgrading of my element collection, I now have a few small samples of some elements which may ...
17-8-2011 at 08:19
by: theobromacacao
Malonic Acid Suppliers
Depending on your location, there are at least 2 suppliers of it currently on ebay:

http://cgi.eb ...
7-5-2011 at 08:01
by: theobromacacao
Periodic Table Pictures
Dear all,

Just thought some of you may be interested in my upgraded periodic table pictures?! I' ...
7-1-2010 at 05:21
by: theobromacacao
new UK equipment supplier
Have not ordered from this company before but they seemed expensive when I looked at them a while ag ...
4-11-2009 at 02:24
by: theobromacacao
1L Nitric Acid 68-70%
Dear all,
I have acquired 1 litre of 68-70% nitric acid (in a black plastic bottle) which is now of ...
23-5-2009 at 08:26
by: theobromacacao
Practical coursework
As a rough figure, chocolate contains approx. 10mg per 100g fresh weight (Food: The Chemistry of Its ...
29-10-2008 at 13:27
by: theobromacacao
UK source of platinum wire
I'm not sure if these would be of any use but have just found them on ebay: ...
26-8-2008 at 01:16
by: theobromacacao
Citric acid oxidation
I've managed to download the aforementioned journal article (free!) so hopefully people can open it! ...
26-6-2008 at 09:45
by: theobromacacao
Rhodium Analysis
I have recently acquired some maple-leaf shaped thin metal "stampings", which according to the selle ...
12-6-2008 at 07:57
by: theobromacacao
Barium Metal
Thanks for all the replies and feedback. I've now managed to sell the Ba lump and K ampoule thereby ...
18-5-2008 at 07:22
by: theobromacacao
Barium Metal
Does anyone know of a "safe" way to cut a large ingot (20g piece) of Ba metal into smaller pieces, a ...
15-5-2008 at 04:50
by: theobromacacao
I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in this, but I have acquired a 2ml ampoule of bromine whi ...
12-4-2008 at 05:36
by: theobromacacao
Mercury sources
I purchased my As and Tl samples from elementsales and they are excellent! The Tl arrived this morn ...
1-4-2008 at 00:58
by: theobromacacao
Acquisition of Conc. H2SO4
Regarding LP Chemicals, you need to register to be able to buy from then and they email you a passwo ...
24-3-2008 at 05:53
by: theobromacacao
Ammonium Paratungstate Yellow Complex??
I wonder if any members may be able to shed some light on this, as I am stumped?! I was experimenti ...
20-3-2008 at 14:20
by: theobromacacao
The Chemical Closet
I received an email from them a couple of days ago, although live in the UK. I had a quick look at ...
13-3-2008 at 01:25
by: theobromacacao
What's your job?
Food Technologist
26-2-2008 at 05:01
by: theobromacacao
Synthesis of malonic acid
Whilst it may not be strictly related to this thread, does anyone know how I can synthesise 1,10 phe ...
14-2-2008 at 10:15
by: theobromacacao

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