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Preparation of Nitric Acid
thanks all of you. so, rooto is considered concentrated enough?
17-4-2010 at 19:07
by: thereelstory1
old topic, new question:
could i have some info on how to raise the concentration of hno3 from its azeotrope to as high as p ...
17-4-2010 at 18:57
by: thereelstory1
Preparation of Nitric Acid
please excuse me not knowing the answer to this:

so if you wanted to further purify the HNO3 fr ...
17-4-2010 at 17:39
by: thereelstory1
nova illuminator model 820?
could someone possibly put a rough value on this brand of microscope? ALSO any ideas on why it is no ...
16-4-2010 at 20:16
by: thereelstory1
platinum anodes?
anyone have experience on where to get the very best deals on pt anodes and ti cathodes best quality ...
12-4-2010 at 20:19
by: thereelstory1
Nitromethane, nitroethane, nitropropane synthesis via industrial route

There is an easier synthesis using sodium nitrite, I believe. If you look in organic syn ...
12-4-2010 at 19:01
by: thereelstory1
mercury thermometers

try the ir therms you can get. Is this practical for your app?
12-4-2010 at 18:59
by: thereelstory1
help! seasoned sci-mad user
I had to start a thereelstory1, because it wont let me log into my original thereelstory user name. ...
12-4-2010 at 18:58
by: thereelstory1

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