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Fuck "Pyrex"
Well what would you expect when you are using the dish outside of the manufacturers stated uses.

7-5-2009 at 15:46
by: tryptamine
Bleach from chlorate/chloride-brine
Electrolysis of brine produces chlorates at high temperatures, with digestion at 90C. Low temperatur ...
8-3-2009 at 05:31
by: tryptamine
High vacuum CHEAP and dirty!
[quote][i]Originally posted by chemrox[/i]
I have a water aspirator, an aspirator pump, two, two va ...
7-3-2009 at 05:26
by: tryptamine
hold on a minute
I reccomend looking at using whatever is convenient with the proper precautions. Methyliodide is at ...
12-3-2004 at 10:52
by: tryptamine
Nitro distillation
Well if you take that oil formed from re acidification of your sodium/ nitro salt and distill it you ...
26-11-2003 at 22:13
by: tryptamine
This is as useless as a dick sizing competiton.
10-8-2003 at 16:43
by: tryptamine
easy O3
you can make a high yielding o3 generator with a neon sign transformer some wire, metal screen, and ...
30-7-2003 at 16:42
by: tryptamine
my suggestions
A few suggestions for chlorate cells:

- Use a very small interelectrode distance and maximize the ...
28-7-2003 at 22:20
by: tryptamine
you simplify once again
Well I didn't say anything about in solutions, I was just commenting on you saying it can' ...
28-7-2003 at 21:17
by: tryptamine
thanks but no thanks
I've had plenty of lessons in s & p orbitals, In fact I give lessons in inorganic and organ ...
28-7-2003 at 19:49
by: tryptamine
too simple
chemoleo you would be amazed at what can exist under what conditions.

Your reasoning of "it ...
28-7-2003 at 18:30
by: tryptamine
A rewound MOT is the way to go here(better yet a bank of rewound MOT's), you want high amperage ...
20-7-2003 at 20:49
by: tryptamine
Organic chlorinations
vulture: Chlorates are not made by reacting chlorine gas with caustic soda. They do use caustic scru ...
12-6-2003 at 16:46
by: tryptamine
why though?
Making a cheap widely available pretty much waste material (sulphur) from a useful specialized reage ...
12-6-2003 at 16:34
by: tryptamine
Perhaps I should have said that in the industrial plant they use hypochlorite to adjust the pH. They ...
30-5-2003 at 17:59
by: tryptamine

Your yield is going to be mostly salt if you don't use chromates, there is a reason th ...
26-5-2003 at 23:24
by: tryptamine

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