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Where can I buy precious metals for cheapest prices?
Below spot? Unlikely.

Jewelers and metal buyers, may pay less than spot for scrap (or used jewe ...
12-8-2018 at 15:16
by: zed
Where to get pyridine in UK ?
I have heard that Pyridine might not be an easy buy, here in the U.S..

Easily reduced to Piperidi ...
6-8-2018 at 16:22
by: zed
Looking for cheap lab glass distributor in the US.
Deschem shipments (from China) often arrive within 7 days. At least, in Portland.

6-8-2018 at 16:16
by: zed
knoevenagel condensation NaOH catalyst?

From Organic Synthesis.

In the distant past, I a ...
4-8-2018 at 12:34
by: zed
Hydrogenolysis of benzylic esters - looking for references
Umm. Somehow reminiscent of Alkylating Indoles, with Amido-Alcohols.

Newfangled kinda thinking. ...
4-8-2018 at 12:23
by: zed
Hydrogenolysis of benzylic esters - looking for references
Lots of ways to perform that reduction. Ester or not.

Commonplace is P/I2. Too easy, in fact. ...
3-8-2018 at 15:09
by: zed
How do you clean stubbornly dirty glassware when no solvent seems to work?
Abrasive cleaning powder?

For cleaning diner coffee pots:Put Dutch Cleanser (Ajax etc.) in flask, ...
27-7-2018 at 16:34
by: zed
P2NP synthesis/crystalization problem
Either the Soxhlet extractor or the Dean-Stark trap, may be used to drive the reaction, in the afore ...
27-7-2018 at 16:15
by: zed
P2NP synthesis/crystalization problem
Try a better procedure. ...
27-7-2018 at 15:35
by: zed
Increasing water pump pressure using 2 pumps in series?
In series? Sure. Why not? Provided the pumps and parts, can survive the pressure differential wi ...
26-7-2018 at 13:23
by: zed
How should I choose glass joint size?
Umm. Deschem and Nanshin, have online E-bay stores, that you can peruse as required.

Lots of Sox ...
16-7-2018 at 15:31
by: zed
Choosing best reflux column & condenser to order
24/40 glassware is relatively large and sturdy. I received several 200 MM Grahams from Deschem, the ...
16-7-2018 at 15:07
by: zed
D.I.Y. Silicone Stoppers/Bungs ?
I have applied this type of Silicone sealant, and the solvent in it, as I remember by smell, is Glac ...
12-7-2018 at 15:28
by: zed
Magnet oh hotplate stirrer - does it loose stength when hot?
I have some Neodymium type stir bars. Sheathed in HDPE. I made 'em. Their original plating, was j ...
12-7-2018 at 15:17
by: zed
Copper Borate Synthesis and Reactions
Ummm. Recently soaked some wood with a Copper Sulfate solution, followed by a baking soda solution ...
12-7-2018 at 14:29
by: zed
"Unprecedented" reduction of amides
The restriction of LiAlH4 sales, predates current regulations.

Perhaps liability fears, are at th ...
11-7-2018 at 11:25
by: zed
hydrogenolysis with lithium aluminium hydride
What article?

Include a link. It is, in fact, kind of a rule.

Start a topic; include a refere ...
3-7-2018 at 13:20
by: zed
Starting from benzene...
It would be a lot easier to make Benzyl Chloride starting with Benzyl Alcohol and HCl.

The Grigna ...
27-6-2018 at 15:45
by: zed
Research question - reduced pyridoxylamino acids and Hello.
Me? I'd buy some fresh reagents, and make a fresh start.

Current state of purity of your reagent ...
26-6-2018 at 18:54
by: zed
Relocating labs ? Any experiences?
If you don't own a suitable vehicle, rent one. Pack carefully. Then, drive it yourself.

At any ...
25-6-2018 at 16:39
by: zed
Phenylpropanones (P2P) from anilines
There is a YouTube video on the subject.
25-6-2018 at 16:09
by: zed
Sodium Borohydride (NaBH4) For Sale! $0.50/gram
My liking for this material, involves using it, in Ethanol, to instantly reduce Chloroplatinic Acid ...
22-6-2018 at 14:41
by: zed
Reduction of 4-nitrobenzoic acid
Me, I'm lazy.

I like my chemistry, but Para Amino Benzoic Acid, is available as an OTC supplement ...
22-6-2018 at 14:08
by: zed
Cheap Alternatives to Palladium on Carbon for Heck Reaction
Ummm. Tungsten Carbide nano-particles?

WC has been explored more as an alternative to Pt... Sur ...
20-6-2018 at 13:59
by: zed
Confusion about Aluminium Powder Safety
Well, it is possible for problems to arise, but usually not.

Grain silo kind-of-stuff.

The sil ...
20-6-2018 at 12:54
by: zed
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