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LAH Reduction
Now, chemrox! You know perfectly well, that mailing LiALH4... is against postal regulations!
8-5-2022 at 00:20
by: zed
Some practical questions about Grignard reactions
To my recollection, this type synthesis calls for an addition of the Grignard Reagent to the Nitrile ...
7-5-2022 at 05:24
by: zed
LAH Reduction
Ummm. Blew an addition funnel out of. a flask?

I had a buddy that blew apart a building perfor ...
26-4-2022 at 22:08
by: zed
Can Platinum be used as a hydrogenation catalyst?
In my youth, Platinum was about $300/ Oz.. Palladium was $30-$40/ per Oz..

Gold could be purchas ...
22-4-2022 at 05:31
by: zed
Make Phosphorus from Ca phosphate and Mg powder ?
This is unlikely to produce elemental Phosphorus.

But, if it actually does.... Please post in th ...
15-4-2022 at 02:07
by: zed
How do noble metals rank and compare in terms of inertness for practical laboratory purposes?
As I recall, some of the Nobel Metals resist even Aqua Regia.

Chemical resistance is case by case ...
14-4-2022 at 20:56
by: zed
Attempt to make mercury iodide in hydrochloric acid
I didn't know that. Thank you.
14-4-2022 at 20:28
by: zed
What's the easiest reaction to perform the produces elemental iron?
Easiest reaction? Filing or grinding iron, off of an iron bar.

Buying steel wool at the hardware ...
14-4-2022 at 06:57
by: zed
Attempt to make mercury iodide in hydrochloric acid
Hmmm. On occasion, Mercuric Chloride is useful.

I had been under the impression, that it could o ...
14-4-2022 at 06:45
by: zed
Problems with nitroglycerin synthesis
I would use a published procedure, and follow it carefully.

Moreover, it is very important to pur ...
14-4-2022 at 03:55
by: zed
Conversion of APAAN(α-phenylacetoacetonitrile) into BMK
This process is well known.

Highly illegal in the jurisdictions where most of us live.

Such Ni ...
14-4-2022 at 03:08
by: zed
Determine H2O2 % by density
10-4-2022 at 23:05
by: zed
Grignard reaction products ?
You could try it. Be aware, there is a possibility of elimination. The product alcohol, could be d ...
22-3-2022 at 17:07
by: zed
Benzaldehyde By Reduction Of Benzoic Acid
The reduction of Benzoic Acid to Benzaldehyde is not especially difficult. But, it isn't exactly ea ...
21-3-2022 at 21:45
by: zed
How to filter oily sludge/slurry ?
As previously discussed; is your product temperature sensitive? If not, you might simply be able. t ...
21-3-2022 at 21:34
by: zed
Grignard reaction products ?
Cycloknight, sludges and emulsions can be maddeningly difficult to break.

Tell us what product yo ...
21-3-2022 at 20:55
by: zed
Handling of Aniline
Build some sort of a fume hood. Masks and cartridges, aren't supposed to be a substitute for a good ...
29-1-2022 at 23:46
by: zed
Can Platinum be used as a hydrogenation catalyst?
Oh, an easy prep is dissolving the Platinum in Aqua Regia to produce Chloroplatinic Acid.

And the ...
29-1-2022 at 23:27
by: zed
Blue Flame
Stabilization would be nice, if possible. Though I would proceed with caution.

Copper complexes, ...
20-10-2021 at 01:48
by: zed
Distilled vs Deionized Water
I hail from an area known for the crappy-dirty taste of its tap-water.

Even though it was long a ...
20-10-2021 at 00:29
by: zed
Plant killer
CDX Plywood. Older stock is better. Got any surplus plywood? It isn't a metal salt, but it sure ...
20-10-2021 at 00:06
by: zed
Types of iron for reduction
Umm. Some of the guys claim "Steel Wool" works pretty well.

These reductions are sometimes descr ...
6-10-2021 at 00:14
by: zed
How toxic are Beryllium compounds really ?
Beryllium is bad shit. Fifty years ago, we talked about it plenty. I had a buddy that usta build e ...
29-9-2021 at 23:59
by: zed
A Note on the Synthesis of 3-Nitrophthalic Acid
Crystallization is an occult practice. Damned hard to accomplish sometimes.

It is ever so he ...
20-9-2021 at 00:37
by: zed
Brewing Homemade Vinegar to Make Acetic Acid
I can't seem to stop it. Apples fall from my Ashmead's Kernal Apple tree, they bruise, and within a ...
19-9-2021 at 23:50
by: zed
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