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DIY Alumina refractory
The recipe im using has served me well over 5 years. The prices of the ingredients made me jumpnwhen ...
12-3-2022 at 19:34
by: Rainwater
DIY Low Temperature refractory Plaster/Cement?
... that comes on top of the heated beakers).

I've searched the forum and there's many threads about refractory materials but they all seem destined at much higher temperatures and/or involve Aluminum ...
11-7-2021 at 15:22
by: VeritasC&E
magnesium aluminate refractory up to 1800C.
I need refractory that withstand at least 1800C to make microwave kiln but the fire clay that i have only c ...
16-1-2021 at 02:18
by: rockyit98
Help find information on these refractory metal nitrates
Do nitrates exist for these elements
If so I've been looking everywhere for it

Do these elements ...
9-11-2020 at 12:26
by: symboom
Cheap refractory materials for insulation, casting and equipment manufacture.
... olding heat and covering oddly shaped parts and flasks. So I'd like to dedicate a thread to making refractory out of plaster, and people telling me their experiences about improving the "state of the ...
18-12-2017 at 20:06
by: semiconductive
Help determine contents of refractory product
I've found this product that is supposed to help reflect heat off the surface of refractory like brick or ceramics.

Here is a link to the product page:
[url]https://secure ...
29-11-2016 at 00:44
by: RogueRose
refractory with flour or saw dust incorporated?
I need to make refractory for a forge (and later a kiln) and have used clay, sand, cement and perlite in the past a ...
3-11-2016 at 12:01
by: RogueRose
Carbon Foam refractory Made From Bread
Yes, really: ...
31-10-2016 at 06:46
by: careysub
Making refractory from CaO ?
... nd want to make firebricks in which I can deploy an electric arc with a 150A DC welder.
Any other refractory melts and vaporizes (yes, I know, CaO too, but slower due to higher mp, so they last long ...
1-10-2016 at 22:48
by: metalresearcher
Low T precipitation of crystalline refractory metals
refractory metals can be precipitated in pure, crystalline form at low temperatures by thermal decom ...
16-3-2016 at 07:38
by: Joe Skulan
refractory bricks @ $189 each ???
These bricks look promising for the temperature resistance but the proce ??

Is $189 the *per br ...
11-10-2010 at 00:52
by: metalresearcher
Making a hot propane furnace using cheap refractory
As some members of this forum use high temperatures I have made a page about how to make a propane f ...
2-10-2010 at 05:45
by: metalresearcher
Aerated refractory concrete
... completely hard after 24 hours, so tomorrow I can see how the test batch came out.

This aerated refractory concrete should make a very high quality insulating castable for electric furnaces, being ...
21-9-2007 at 18:11
by: garage chemist
Graphite + reducing atmosphere refractory
... 200C in normal atmosphere withoud oxidizing.

Are there any good sites out there explaining what refractory insulating materials are good to go to theses
temperatures. I have a good supply of Gra ...
1-2-2007 at 19:05
by: dann2
Alumina based refractory....
Hallo to all,

I would suggest that alumina (Al2O3)based refractories are good.
The problem may b ...
7-12-2004 at 15:17
by: kazaa81
refractory formula
I haven't fired the refractory yet, so there is no guarantee that it will work, but I hereby announce my refractory form ...
12-6-2004 at 07:19
by: axehandle

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