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eU2A method for generating ammonia

vanBassum - 10-8-2020 at 05:33


I saw an electrolytical method of generating ammonia gas from urea somewhere in this thread: The paper can be downloaded here:

It seems like a promising way of generating of a constant amount of ammonia gas. The only concern I have is the hydrogen that is also generated. That could potentially be an explosion hazard. Have any of you had any luck recreating this experiment? I build a cell and tried out some tests but haven't had much luck generating ammonia. If there is any interest I could post a picture of the cell but I think you guys get the idea :)

vanBassum - 12-8-2020 at 02:25


It turns out it doesn't work with NaOH but it does with KOH.
Now I get the very recognizable pungent odour of sweet sweet ammonia. :)

Fyndium - 12-8-2020 at 23:26

What? I just made a liter of 35% ammonia with urea and sodium hydroxide, although I did not use electronics but just a simple heating.

symboom - 13-8-2020 at 22:15

used less chemicals the better and if Electrolysis is used ammonia generation can be finely tuned.

It would be nice if it could be made in situ such that sodium carbonate is split and the urea reacts with the sodium hydroxide as it is produced.

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Antiswat - 1-11-2020 at 02:04

urea can also be combined with ethylene glycol to make ethylamine, i heated it well but it didnt do anything, maybe half a year later i had this vial in a box and the cap was leaking, awful stench, not sure if heating actually helps the reaction

ammonia can also be made by metal nitride with water, probably a very solid dessicant, magnesium forms a lot of nitride
CaCl2 can absorb ammonia, could possibly be used to purify it