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[For Sale] --300 chemicals (Rare & Unusual)--[Offer no longer available]

Ubya - 31-10-2020 at 09:08

At the request of the OP, this thread is now closed. The seller is no longer able to supply these items. [j_sum1]

A few months ago i found a chemical supplier on instagram, he sold to individuals so i proposed him to
make a sale post on sciencemadness since we are so eager to find new suppliers.

He knows a bit about the forum, but he was busy at the time so nothing happened, recently though he contacted me and we decided i would be his spokesman on this forum.

If you want more informations about a product or in general you can send me an email or a DM, or send an email directly to the
seller (my email: seller's email:
Once you made your decision you can place the order by filling this online form:
You will get the answer on your email with the quotation of the products and of the shipping to your country

The products are shipped from Italy, up to 200g there's a flat shipping cost of €9 inside Europe,
for order over 200g there's a table at the end of the catalogue with all informations about shippings, payments and terms. Depending on the availability of the product there could be additional charges, check the catalog (it is updated every month) and ask the seller directly to be sure

The online catalogue

20200610_141051.jpg - 1.3MB 20201006_023227.jpg - 1.4MB

A sneak peak at what he is selling:

PhotoGrid_Plus_1604143556293.jpg - 1.9MB PhotoGrid_Plus_1604143019624.jpg - 1.7MB PhotoGrid_Plus_1604143280602.jpg - 2MB PhotoGrid_Plus_1604142746017.jpg - 1.7MB

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Belowzero - 31-10-2020 at 12:18

Really interesting, thanks for sharing.
Prices are quite fair too.