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Author: Subject: [For Sale] --300 chemicals (Rare & Unusual)--[Offer no longer available]
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[*] posted on 31-10-2020 at 09:08
[For Sale] --300 chemicals (Rare & Unusual)--[Offer no longer available]

At the request of the OP, this thread is now closed. The seller is no longer able to supply these items. [j_sum1]

A few months ago i found a chemical supplier on instagram, he sold to individuals so i proposed him to
make a sale post on sciencemadness since we are so eager to find new suppliers.

He knows a bit about the forum, but he was busy at the time so nothing happened, recently though he contacted me and we decided i would be his spokesman on this forum.

If you want more informations about a product or in general you can send me an email or a DM, or send an email directly to the
seller (my email: seller's email:
Once you made your decision you can place the order by filling this online form:
You will get the answer on your email with the quotation of the products and of the shipping to your country

The products are shipped from Italy, up to 200g there's a flat shipping cost of €9 inside Europe,
for order over 200g there's a table at the end of the catalogue with all informations about shippings, payments and terms. Depending on the availability of the product there could be additional charges, check the catalog (it is updated every month) and ask the seller directly to be sure

The online catalogue

20200610_141051.jpg - 1.3MB 20201006_023227.jpg - 1.4MB

A sneak peak at what he is selling:

    Aluminium 325mesh (Powder)
    Aluminum Blue (Powder)
    Aluminum Dark German (Powder)
    Amminoguanidine bicarbonate
    Ammonium chloride technical grade
    Ammonium chloride analytical grade
    Ammonium dichromate
    Ammonium nitrate
    Ammonium thiocyanate
    Arabic gum
    Arsenic chunks
    Arsenic (powder)
    Arsenic Trioxide
    Arsenic Trisulfide
    Barium carbonate tech grade
    Barium carbonate (Pure)
    Barium chlorate
    Barium chromate
    Barium chloride (dihydrate)
    Barium hydroxide (Octahydrate)
    Barium iodate
    Barium Nitrate
    Barium oxalate
    Barium perchlorate 3-hydrate
    Barium peroxide
    Barium sulphate
    Barium thiocyanate
    Beryllium (flakes)
    Bismuth Hydroxide
    Bismuth nitrate
    Bismuth trioxide
    Boric Acid
    Boron (powder)
    Boron Oxide
    Bromine (if you are interested contact the seller before the 6/11/2020)
    Cadmium (rod)
    Cadmium (ingot)
    Cadmium carbonate
    Cadmium chloride anhydrous
    Cadmium Chloride hydrate
    Cadmium Hydroxide
    Cadmium nitrate
    Cadmium oxide
    Cadmium sulphide
    Caesium chloride
    Calcium (granular)
    Calcium Arsenate
    Calcium carbonate tech grade
    Calcium carbonate
    Calcium chloride
    Calcium hydroxide
    Calcium sulphate diidrate
    Cerium hydroxide
    Cerium sulphate
    Chlorine (sample)
    Citric acid
    Cobalt (flakes)
    Cobalt Acetate
    Cobalt Bromide 6-hydrate
    Cobalt Bromide anhydrous
    Cobalt carbonate
    Cobalt chloride
    Cobalt hydroxide
    Cobalt nitrate
    Cobalt sulphate
    Cobalt Thiocyanate
    Copper (powder) electrolytic 63 μm / 250 mesh
    Copper (powder) 100μm
    Copper (II) acetate
    Copper Arsenate
    Copper benzoate
    Copper carbonate
    Copper (I) chloride
    Copper (II) chloride hydrate
    Copper (II) chloride anhydrous
    Copper Citrate
    Copper hydroxide
    Copper nitrate
    Copper (I) oxide
    Copper (II) oxide
    Copper (II) salycilate
    Copper (I) sulfide
    Copper (II) sulfide
    Copper sulphate
    Copper sulphate (anhydrous)
    Copper thiocyanate
    Dibutyl phtalate (DBF)
    Diottilftalato (DOF)
    Gallic acid
    Guanidine hydrochloride
    Hydrazine Sulphate
    Hydrochloric acid
    Hydrofluoric acid
    Iodic Acid
    Iodine (sample)
    Iodine (V) Oxide
    Iron (dust)
    Iron (powder)
    Ferrocene, Bis (η5-cyclopentadienyl) Iron
    Iron ferrocyanide
    Iron (III) oxide
    Iron (II,III) oxide
    Iron (II) sulphate
    Iron (II) sulphate
    Lanthanum carbonate
    Lanthanum hydroxide
    Lanthanum oxide
    Lead (Casting use)
    Lead (pure)
    Lead (superpure)
    Lead (powder)
    Lead (II) acetate
    Lead (II) benzoate
    Lead (II) bromide
    Lead (II) carbonate
    Lead (II) citrate
    Lead (II) chloride
    Lead (II) chromate
    Lead (II) Fluoride
    Lead (II) hydroxide
    Lead (II) iodide
    Lead (II) nitrate
    Lead (II) oxalate
    Lead (II) oxide
    Lead (IV) oxide
    Lead (II,IV) oxide
    Lead (II) sulphate
    Lithium acetate
    Lithium chloride
    Lithium hydroxide
    Lithium iodate
    Lithium nitrate
    Lithium perchlorate 3-hydrate
    Lithium sulphate
    Magnesium (ingot)
    Magnesium (flakes)
    Magnesium (flakes pyro)
    Magnesium powder 40μm (pyro)
    Magnesium powder 100μm (pyro)
    Magnalium dark powder 20μm (pyro)
    Magnalium powder 45μm (pyro)
    Magnalium powder 100μm (pyro)
    Magnesium Peroxide
    Manganese (flakes)
    Manganese chloride
    Manganese (IV) oxide
    Mercury (pure)
    Mercury (II) acetate
    Mercury (II) benzoate
    Mercury (II) bromide
    Mercury (I) chloride
    Mercury (II) chloride
    Mercury (I) chromate
    Mercury (II) Dichromate
    Mercury (II) Fluoride
    Mercury (II) Iodide
    Mercury (I) nitrate
    Mercury (II) nitrate
    Mercury (I) oxide
    Mercury (II) oxide
    Mercury (II) salycilate
    Mercury (II) sulfide
    Mercury (II) sulphate
    Mercury (II) thiocyanate
    Methylene Blue
    Molybdenum (pellets)
    Molybdenum (powder)
    Nickel carbonate
    Nickel chloride
    Nickel nitrate
    Nickel sulphate
    Oxalic acid
    Perchloric Acid 65%
    PH indicator (universal pH paper)
    Phosphorus (red)
    Phosphorus (V) chloride
    Phosphorus pentoxide
    Potassium bromate
    Potassium carbonate
    Potassium chloride
    Potassium chromate
    Potassium dichromate
    Potassium (II) ferrocyanide (Yellow)
    Potassium (III) ferricyanide (Red)
    Potassium Hydroxide
    Potassium iodate
    Potassium iodide
    Potassium Metabisulfite
    Potassium nitrate
    Potassium permanganate
    Potassium tetraoxalate
    Potassium thiocyanate
    PTFE powder
    PVC powder <0.1mm
    PVC powder <63μm
    Rice starch
    Salicylic acid
    Samarium hydroxide
    Selenium (shots)
    Selenium (ingot)
    Selenium (Red allotrope)
    Selenium dioxide
    Silicon (crystalline)
    Silicon (powder)
    Sodium acetate
    Sodium azide
    Sodium benzoate
    Sodium bicarbonate
    Sodium carbonate
    Sodium cobaltinitrite
    Sodium dichloroisocyanurate
    Sodium hydroxide
    Sodium iodate
    Sodium iodide
    Sodium nitrate
    Sodium nitrite
    Sodium nitroprusside
    Sodium oxalate
    Sodium peroxide
    Sodium persulphate
    Sodium selenite
    Sodium tetraborate (borax)
    Sodium thiosulphate
    Sulfur (powder)
    Sulfuric acid 96%
    Sulfuric acid 98%
    Strontium acetate
    Strontium carbonate
    Strontium chromate
    Strontium hydroxide
    Strontium nitrate
    Strontium sulphate
    Tartaric acid
    Teflon powder
    Titanium (collection/lab)
    Titanium powder 0-100μm (pyro)
    Titanium powder 100-250μm (pyro)
    Titanium powder 250-500μm (pyro)
    Titanium powder 500-1000μm (pyro)
    Titanium powder 1000-2000μm (pyro)
    Titanium spherical 0.1-0.3mm
    Tungsten powder
    Urea tech grade
    Urea analytical grade
    Zinc (ingot)
    Zinc dust (superfine pyro powder)
    Zinc (fine powder)
    Zinc ( powder)
    Zinc Oxide
    Zirconium (dust)
    Zirconium (powder)
    Zirconium (sponge)

PhotoGrid_Plus_1604143556293.jpg - 1.9MB PhotoGrid_Plus_1604143019624.jpg - 1.7MB PhotoGrid_Plus_1604143280602.jpg - 2MB PhotoGrid_Plus_1604142746017.jpg - 1.7MB

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[Edited on 1-11-2020 by Ubya]

[Edited on 18-11-2020 by j_sum1]

feel free to correct my grammar, or any mistakes i make

If you are looking for chemicals check this out: [For Sale]300 chemicals (rare & unusual)
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[*] posted on 31-10-2020 at 12:18

Really interesting, thanks for sharing.
Prices are quite fair too.
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