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Author: Subject: I don't really mind opening a new thread just to reply to this
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wink.gif posted on 2-7-2020 at 23:18
I don't really mind opening a new thread just to reply to this

I think you will find we mods are all on the same page here, Fusso.
Someone commented recently (it might even have been you) that Detritus was being under-used. You seem to be going against that trend at the moment. I think that is more of a concern than any moderator inconsistency.
Quote: Originally posted by Chemorg42  
Quote: Originally posted by Cou  

There hasn't been a new post added to detritus in 2 months now.

Spoken too soon!:)
Not too soon:P

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[*] posted on 3-7-2020 at 00:26

Detritus is a comedy goldmine. I wish mods would open registration so I could laugh at dumb kooks, paranoid conspiracy nuts, and hilariously poor attempts at advertising.

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[*] posted on 3-7-2020 at 00:43

This isn't fucking facebook.... You two in particular need to learn the concept of a quality post.

Traditionally, posts should be concise, informative and to the point.... Actual "chatting" has always been frowned upon, but anybody around here longer than a wet fart knows that. It keeps the signal to noise ratio down and the quality around here high.... This is a science forum, and what you are doing is not how scientists do work.

I hear the kids are all on whatsapp and snapchat these days. ....

Consider yourselves lucky and show some gratitude..... If I was a moderator your asses would be banned !!

And none of this post was meant to bee antagonizing or trolling, just the truth.... If you feel like replying I suggest you do not and promptly go to a doctor to seek help for your social media addiction.

Being well adjusted to a sick society is no measure of one's mental health
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[*] posted on 3-7-2020 at 01:00

Right sentiment CJ.
And off we go to Detritus. This is getting tiresome. I would explain but I don't believe lack of understanding is the source if the problem.
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Thread Moved
3-7-2020 at 01:00

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