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Author: Subject: European Sulfuric Acid Ban
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[*] posted on 13-6-2022 at 06:25

Then again, if you have some, you can make more by generating sulphur trioxide and dissolving it into your stash to make oleum that you can then dilute to get 100% acid
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[*] posted on 13-6-2022 at 08:54

Quote: Originally posted by woelen  
You can still buy 15% acid, cheaply (e.g. 25 liters of it for 50 euros or so). It can easily be boiled down to 70% or even 80%. Boiling it down to 90+% however is harder.

I never saw the problem with commercial acid being 15% or 50% because it's only the part above 80% that is actually hard to dehydrate. But I wondered anyway: can you just evaporate water from sulfuric acid? Can you avoid boiling?

According to Hornung and Giauque (attached), the vapor pressure of water above H2SO4*4H2O (about 58%) at 25 C is 4.795 mmHg = 0.64 kPa, while the vapor pressure of pure water at 25 C is 3.16 kPa. So, at a relative humidity of less than 20%, H2SO4 will spontaneously concentrate all of the way to 58%!

That's not too likely, but even at a more realistic 50%-or-so humidity you should be able to get significant evaporation by just letting a bowl of the stuff sit in the sun. If you go from 15% to 30% you've reduced the solution by nearly half. And that means a lot less volume in the boiling flask and electricity consumed in the process.

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Quote: Originally posted by bnull  
you can always buy new equipment but can't buy new fingers.
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[*] posted on 13-6-2022 at 14:30

Yes, you can concentrate H2SO4 and it's an interesting exercise in amateur chemistry, but the point is that having concentrated acid is now a 'crime'.

I just came accross this video

"How I’m dealing with the sulfuric acid ban "

Before watching I thought it was about workarounds for the 'ban' but the guy is actually destroying the acid he has at home. And that's how people who 'obey the law' are supposed to behave. So, no more concentrated sulfuric for amateurs.
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[*] posted on 19-6-2022 at 13:05

Just a reminder that in Poland sulfuric acid drain cleaners are still available even online

Hi, please read about exif data.
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[*] posted on 22-6-2022 at 17:20

I was experimenting with the evaporation of a solution of sulfuric acid. I used an old cat litter box with an area of ​​about 0.2 square meters. The initial concentration of sulfuric acid is about 25%. Evaporation time 1.5 months. The temperature in the heated room is 24 degrees. This happened in winter with temperatures in the open air down to -20 degrees Celsius (average -10)

Final acid concentration about 50% (density 1.5)

If you heat the container, you can probably evaporate sulfuric acid up to 70%. Heating cables are well suited as a heater for a plastic polypropylene container.

Evaporation of strong solutions of salts or acids is an extremely long process. Trying on a container with heating will allow you to reduce its area and reduce the evaporation time, as well as increase the theoretical evaporation limit.

P.S Initial volume acid was 3-3.5 liter. Final volume 1 liter

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[*] posted on 29-6-2022 at 12:46

Quote: Originally posted by learningChem  
Well, looks like amateur chemistry is finished in the so called 'european union'. Also, I find it rather funny that this forum has a lot of people willing to make excuses for tyranny. Then again, I guess unchecked political power is well aligned with reductionist materialism. And no, none of these measures are about protecting a very small number of people from 'acid attacks'.

Same goes with private gun ownership.

However, I'm not excusing tyranny. I exclusively stated that by making obtaining things a bit more difficult so the average dumbass is deterred from readily accessing it will already cut off most of the harm.
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