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Author: Subject: Safe Space for chemistry in Germany

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sad.gif posted on 3-11-2022 at 14:47
Safe Space for chemistry in Germany

Hello, I specifically joined science madness to ask questions on this topic

I am from germany and have developed a certain interest in chemistry over the past few years, and i am thinking i want to do something job wise in that direction.
Before I will start searching for a job directly related to chemistry or search for more education, i want do do some experimentation for some time to see if all of this is actually in my interestest.

Here are the problems though, I live in germany, and many chemicals here are very restricted (not only the aquisation, but also the posession or production alone is illegal here). Because of this I wanted to find a safe space for working with chemicals, which also has an option to store said chemicals. A place like a public lab would be perfect for this occasion.
The problem with this though is that most of the knowlesge i have with chemicals come from english speaking places, so i have problems fininding what I am searching for, because either there is no equivalent in germany, or i simply dont know the correct terms to google (e.g. "lab space" and "workshop" dont give any usefull results).

So I have these questions for anyone who has experience with doing chemistry in germany/german:
1. Is there any site online which i can visit speciffically for information about chemistry in germany?

2. What are the terms I should search for online if I want to find an open lab where i can do chemistry (terms in german)

3. Are there any organizations in germany who can support you with finding lab spaces in germany?

4. Are there any ways of getting licenses/permits to obtain/own restricted chemicals in germany, exept the process of opening a company?

5. Are there any groups of people out there in germany who specifically opened companys to do chemistry, who "hire" people to work there, so they can basically do the chemistry they want?
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[*] posted on 3-11-2022 at 15:41

There are a number of Germans here on the board so they will be able to give you more specific information. I also notice a good number of Germans on Youtube at the moment. They give you an idea of what can be done.

My advice is to avoid restricted chemicals and start your own home lab. There is plenty that you can do without getting into any kind of legal trouble. You will be able to find experiments and projects that fulfil what you are trying to accomplish here. Having your own simple lab means that you can work at your own pace on your own projects under your own terms. You are not constrained by having to work around other people. I doubt the kind of space you describe is very common anyway.

As a rule of thumb, anything you can buy over the counter from the supermarket or hardware store will be legal for you to work with. And that opens up a very large number of possible projects:
  • crystallisation, growing crystals
  • plant extractions
  • separation and purification techniques
  • synthesis of inorganic salts – copper salts are fun and very accessible: copper chloride, sulfate, asprinate, acetate, citrate, carbonate, etc.
  • synthesise your own acids (at the volumes and concentrations that are allowed)
  • electrolysis experiments – metal plating, production of hydrogen, oxygen, synthesis of some salts and acids
  • distillations if you get the equipment (which is not terribly expensive). Even something like cleaning hardware store solvents is rewarding and useful.
  • ester reactions. Oil of wintergreen or similar esters derived from aspirin are classic and fun to do.
  • Watch chemplayer on Rumble. A lot of his experiments require nothing more than a beaker, hotplate and thermometer. And yet there were some really ambitious and interesting syntheses done.
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    [*] posted on 3-11-2022 at 18:24

    Find if you have a fablab / hackerspace near your location.
    You will find like minded people and if they have a lab you will have solved half of your problems.

    The most interesting one I know has a full lab, a couple of fume hoods and besides illegal stuff doesnt like fluorine chemistry. That leaves plenty of options.

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    [*] posted on 3-11-2022 at 18:34

    Have you checked out LambdaSyn? You might find some more regional resources there:

    There's plenty of crossover between LS & SM though, so don't hesitate to share with us what you get up to!

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