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Author: Subject: Fresh eggs, wash or dont?
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[*] posted on 19-5-2024 at 17:36
Fresh eggs, wash or dont?

Im baffled here
Quick story, my and this old timer got in an argument which resulted in a bet.Here is where I knew I $<"(ed up
His claim was 6 weeks, room temp (72-80f) the eggs will still be good if they are unwashed, aka still covered in chicken crap.
My claim was he was off his rocker and washing the eggs would make them last longer.

So, from the same group of hens, I collected eggs layed that day. (Give them a little CaCl2 and a big portion of yogurt mixed into their feed once a week, youll be egged out)
A, D) 3 got placed in a basket with the crap still on them
B, E) 3 got washed in tap water
C, F) 3 got washed in 25%IPA ( how i always clean my eggs)
A, B, C where set on the counter.
D, E, F refrigerated. (34f)

Day 28,
group B & C,are out of the house, they stink and one cracked from pressure.
A D E F, no change.
Day 45
Float test.
A) All 3 slightly tilt with the fat end up.
D) all 3 just sink and lay whatever way they land
E) 1 egg floats, 2 just stand up in the water
F) all 3 stand up in the water.

Smell test. (Opened eggs)
A) no smell. Normal looking
D) no smell Normal looking
E) slight odor, discolored whites
F) no smell Normal looking

Hard boil test.
Each egg was setout to reach room temp for an hour.
Then placed in boiling water for 4 minutes.
Allowed to cool in air and shelled
A) no discolored bottom, yellow yoke. Taste normal
D) same as above
E) severely discolored bottom, brown yoke, not eat able
F) no discolored bottom, yellow yoke. Taste normal

Hard boil test was performed again with the last from each group,
Only difference was E, looked normal with discolored bottom. Was not tasted

Conclusion: dont make bets with old farmers. Just dont.
As evidenced, the chicken droppings have some kind of effect on microbial growth and or movement, restricting their ability to rot the egg
This could be a physical effect, by blocking the movement of the germs,
a chemical effect, such as PH
a biochemical process, like antibiotic or space chicken magic.
The washing spread the germs, allowing them an easier time rotting the eggs.
All i know is im out 20 bucks.

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[*] posted on 19-5-2024 at 18:19

2 minutes on google could have saved your $20.
Eggs get laid with a thin coating called a 'bloom' or 'cuticle' that acts as a barrier to bacteria. Washing disrupts this barrier and can force bacteria into the egg, as the shell is porous.
Makes sense really as a growing chick would need protection from external nasties.

If you are going to wash your eggs, do so just before use. And wash your hands afterwards. Salmonella is not fun.

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