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Author: Subject: Acetaldehyde synthesis
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[*] posted on 27-3-2019 at 06:11

Quote: Originally posted by draculic acid69  
Calcium formate and calcium acetate destructively distilled seems to be the best easiest way to go if you need some for a rxn.can easily be scaled up to create larger amounts quickly.

destructive distillation of calcium acetate gives acetone right? not acetaldehyde

feel free to correct my grammar, or any mistakes i make
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draculic acid69
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[*] posted on 31-3-2019 at 07:33

Calcium acetate intimately mixed with calcium formate apparently yeilds acetyldehyde and if the mixing is inadequate probably some acetone as well.further back in the thread someone claims to have made 200 mls of acetyldehyde by this method. Also apparently acetylene bubbled through a hgso4 solution yeilds acetyldehyde. Formates + other carboxylic acid salts yeilds the corresponding aldehyde is a well known thing.

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[*] posted on 10-4-2019 at 21:20
VLE Data

Would anyone by chance have access to vapor-liquid-equilibrium data for Acetaldehyde, Ethanol, and Water or any combination thereof?

I am looking for a boiling point chart for varying concentrations.

I do not currently have access to Dortmund data bank, and am unable to find this data on sciencedirect or similar papers.

Thanks kindly.
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[*] posted on 3-6-2019 at 09:01

Quote: Originally posted by S.C. Wack  
Page 4686 of JCS (1956) claims a 50% yield by reflux of EtOH with excess MnO2 for 20 min. No explicit experimental is given in this case. A number of aldehydes and a few ketones are prepared, but my copy (from microfilm) is of poor quality.

Barakat et al. - Oxidation of Organic Compounds by Solid Manganese Dioxide - Notes, Journal of the Chemical Society (1956) Pages 4685-4687


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