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Author: Subject: Moving - Chemicals For Sale
National Hazard

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[*] posted on 10-5-2015 at 08:18
Moving - Chemicals For Sale

I will likely be moving to another state this summer. It has been over 5 years since I've been active with chemistry, and I don't wish to move my chemicals, so I am posting here to see if anyone is interested in purchasing them. I would like to sell these as a lot. They buyer will be responsible for picking up the chemicals. I live in western New York state (Buffalo area).

I'm not interested in necessarily getting top dollar for these chemicals. I'm more interested in helping someone with experimentation. I do ask that that you offer at least a token amount of money for the chemicals, but in determining who to sell them to I will be much more interested in the use you will be making of them than in the dollar figure of your offer. I will consider need as well. I would expect a lower offer from say a full-time student than say from a professional.

Note I will be checking the online reputation and posts here of anyone interested in buying. I don't want to sell these to someone who is going to get themself, or others, hurt with them. So "kewls" need not apply. Who I sell them to will be solely my decision.

If you are interested, please send me a U2U message with a paragraph or two describing why you want them, the use you have planned for them, how much you are willing to pay, and when (approximately) you would be able to pick them up.

Chemicals list:
Aluminum, medium powder 8oz
Aluminum, fine powder 12oz
Aluminum, granular 8oz
Ammonium dichromate 3oz
Ammonium dichromate 12oz
Ammonium nitrate (prills) 20oz
Ammonium perchlorate 3oz
Ammonium persulfate 3oz
Calcium phosphate monobasic 2oz
Citric acid 12oz
Cobalt chloride 1oz
Cobalt chloride 1oz
Copper oxide (fine powder) 3oz
Deuterium oxide (heavy water) 20g
Hexachloroethane 3oz
Hexamine 6oz
Iron powder (325 mesh) 6oz
Iron (ferric) chloride 4oz
Iron oxide (red) 12oz
Iron (ferrous) sulfate 3oz
Magnesium metal sheets 16oz
Magnesium powder 1oz
Magnesum ribbon 30ft
Manganese dioxide 1oz
Manganese dioxide 12oz
Manganese sulfate 12oz
Mercury metal 16oz
Methylene Blue 0.1% 100ml
Mineral Oil (low oxygen) 16oz
Morter and Pestle 3.5inch diameter
Nickel sulfate hexahydrate 3oz
Phenolpthalein 0.5% solution 100ml
Potassium chlorate 3oz
Potassium dichromate 3oz
Potassium ferricyanide 1oz
Potassim ferricyanide 6oz
Potassium hydroxide (flake) 10oz
Potassium hydroxide (flake) 16oz
Potassium iodide 8oz
Potassium iodide 2oz
Potassium nitrate 20oz
Potassium perchlorate 3oz
Potassium permaganate 2oz
Potassium thiocyanage 1oz
Silica, 200 mesh 12oz
Silicon metal (lumps) 1/2oz
Silver metal (lumps) 4oz
Silicon powder (600 mesh) 3oz
Silver nitrate 3oz
Sodium bisulfate 12oz
Sodium bisulfite 2oz
Sodium bromide 3oz
Sodium ferrocyanide 1oz
Sodium hexametaphosphate 4oz
Sodium metabisulfite (food grade) 12oz
Sodium metal (under oil) 1oz
Sodium nitrite 3oz
Sodium thiosulfate 3oz
Sulfur (flowers) 12oz
Thermite mix 2oz
Tin metal 4oz
Urea 2oz
Wood's metal (alloy) 4oz
Zinc dust 2oz
Zinc oxide (fine powder) 3oz
Zinc sulfate 2oz

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National Hazard

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[*] posted on 15-5-2015 at 14:47

I have sold the chemicals.

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[*] posted on 15-5-2015 at 16:03

Kudos hodges.
There must be one happy SMer out there.
I love your generous approach to this. :)
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