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Author: Subject: What to do with chlorine gas
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[*] posted on 9-3-2016 at 00:15
What to do with chlorine gas

Now that I have my barrel of bleach, I need to use it up within a year or two. Some of the ideas will emit chlorine as a byproduct, and I'd like to be responsible about it. So perhaps I'll run some experiments in tandem to use it.

Some of the applications I can think of: chloroform, bromine, trichloroacetic acid, chlorinated vegetable oil, and fumigating my funky old shoes. I think I saw a few on Woelen's site too.

I'm looking for some more inspiration.
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[*] posted on 9-3-2016 at 01:33

Disulfur dichloride or Sulfur dichloride or both??

Ok, so maybe it isn't a solution because they will not last long. But it is a fun synthesis.

If you are producing Cl2 byproducts regularly you could run a few interesting reactions with other elements. NaCl, MgCl2, AlCl3, BrCl, BCl3, FeCl3 and so forth. If you set up a video camera you could run a nice little series as a YT channel.

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[*] posted on 10-3-2016 at 06:47

Two fun experiments I've done with chlorine:

1) Fill a large graduated cylinder (500 - 1000mL, plastic) with water. Construct a chlorine gas generator with an output tube leading to the bottom of the cylinder, so that the chlorine bubbles up through the water. To the cylinder, drop in a few pieces of calcium carbide. When bubbles of acetylene generated by the carbide meet bubbles of chlorine, many small explosions can be seen. See my clip on this in hkparker's "Fire without Matches" collaboration video:

2) Similarly, turpentine vapor ignites immediately upon contacting chlorine gas. From that same video:

That's a great compilation if you haven't seen the whole video. Awesome example of forum members working together!
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[*] posted on 10-3-2016 at 07:17

Chlorine can be used to make very interesting chemicals from easy to obtain KI (or NaI) and KOH, NaOH. See these links:


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