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Author: Subject: latest glassware purchase
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[*] posted on 3-8-2022 at 13:54

Quote: Originally posted by flaminglasrswrd  
The only thing I paid was a few cuts from some broken glass. Well, that and all of the time invested in checking the dumpster each week for the last few years.

The results:

Boxes and boxes of glassware and equipment. Several 2 and 3 liter RBFs, a 3L sep funnel, 4 Friedrichs condensers, two Edwards RV3 vacuum pumps, one Welch 8907 pump, two Buchi r114 rotavaps with water baths, a thermo 6255 vacuum oven, a Fluke 412B HV PS, a thermo CL2 centrifuge, a Lytron mcs20g cooler, and a thermo electron 2870 shaking water bath, two cases of TLC plates, and a couple of variable reflux distillation heads.

Lots of other condensers, graduated cylinders, addition funnels, flasks, assorted ground glass adapters, gas valves, some quartz stuff, and more.

All of the equipment seems to work and I tossed all of the broken glassware already. Some things have minor damage but they work all the same.

I had to make several trips back to the dumpster to get everything. Like I said in my other post, apparently one of the chem professors retired and they cleaned out his lab. Lucky me!

I'm keeping most of it, but if something catches your fancy lmk and maybe we can work out a deal.

I am so jealous of you that I cannot put it in words.

I would never have imagined that anyone on earth possibly could put stuff like these in a dumpster. Part of me thinks this cannot be true and you are just trying to trigger the passionate chemists in us.
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[*] posted on 28-9-2022 at 17:29

Today i get to use my Friedrich's condenser for the first time. i am just using it to reflux, which I know it is not really designed for. But it is still lots of fun.
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[*] posted on 28-9-2022 at 19:19

Quote: Originally posted by Organikum  
Anyways if somebody can help me finding those reactor flasks DN100, 1000 ml and 2000 ml that would be great!

they have 2 L in stock and sell to EU, certainly surrounding countries, I do not know how far... also not sure about the diameter of neck whether it would be compatible with your cover part... also minimal order is 150 EUR so they won't sell you only this one flask for 100 EUR
the seals compatible with their glass seem to be 100 mm

If there is a heaven, it seems not to be materially based. Does chemistry exist there and if yes, how does it look like? Are there good souls well supplied with laboratory equipment, glass, chemicals and information?
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[*] posted on 29-9-2022 at 17:06

Thanks for the link, sadly they use a different flange and the prices are also quite hefty. This PTFE O-ring for the reactors is insane nearly 80 €, In Germany they want over a hundred though. Just a core of silicone rubber with PTFE coating. I buy the thinner silicone or rubber o-rings and wrap them in three layers of 19 mm x 0,2 mm PTFE tape. Thanks to the cold-creep of PTFE the tape sinters to a solid coating in no time. Cost per O-ring about 6 € and never had a problem at no temperature and with no solvent.

And I got a 2-liter reaction flask meanwhile, not cheap but cheap compared to what they want at official sources. 90 € I think? Was new. 250 € usual price.

Irgendwas is ja immer
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