Cyanide gas bubbler

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A cyanide gas bubbler/collector.

A cyanide gas bubbler or cyanide gas collector is a piece of glassware used in analytical chemistry to collect various gaseous products from samples, more specifically hydrogen cyanide gas obtained by chemically digesting wastewater samples.


Cyanide gas collectors consist of a quasi-tubular glass tube, with two female ground glass joints at one end, and a PTFE stopcock at the other. Inside the glass tube, there is a smaller thinner tube with a rounded end, with 4-5 holes, through where the gaseous products are forced by the distillation gas pressure. The outer glass tube holds a diluted NaOH solution, which captures the gaseous HCN.


Lab suppliers sell this item.

DIY cyanide gas bubbler

A smaller gas washing bottle can be used instead, though the resulting solution will be more diluted.


Make sure the stopcock doesn't freeze and that the holes in the bubbler don't get clogged.

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