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A microscope is an instrument commonly used to see and analyze objects that are too small for the naked eye. While often encountered in biology in geology, microscopes can also be used in many other sciences.


Optical microscope

Also known as light microscope, it is the most common type. Can see small objects, and can be useful for spotting small items, organisms and inorganic structures, like single crystals of chemical compounds.

Electronic microscope

A special form of microscope, it uses electrons to scan and see very small objects and structures.

Scanning acoustic microscope

Uses focused sound to analyze, measure, or image an object or a defect in a material. It is commonly used to detect structural failures in various items.


Microscopes are sold by various lab and school suppliers. They can also be bought online, eBay and Amazon are good places to begin.

USB microscopes can be bought cheaply online and offer good performance at low cost. They can be easily connected to a laptop or a tablet via the USB, allowing you to visualize the images better and store them directly on your computer.


  • Study microorganisms
  • Observe microcrystals
  • Visualize microstructures

Handling and safety

Working with microscope may tire the eyes, so it's best to take breaks periodically.

Always make sure to properly clean the lens.


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