Platinized asbestos

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Platinized asbestos is a catalyst material obtained by permeating asbestos fibers with finely divided platinum, usually via chemical method.


Platinized asbestos is a fibrous white solid. It usually contains around 5% platinum metal by weight.


Platinized asbestos used to be sold in the past by chemical suppliers, but nowadays it's getting harder to find, since most asbestos-containing products have been phased out.


Platinized asbestos can be prepared by calcinating asbestos treated with a diluted solution of chloroplatinic acid.

A good preparation can be found here.


Handling and safety

Platinized asbestos, like asbestos, is very toxic and irritant, and should be handled with care. Inhalation of fine particles will lead to severe lung problems, while skin or tissue contact will cause irritation or dermatitis.


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