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Author: Subject: European Sulfuric Acid Ban
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[*] posted on 17-9-2021 at 01:16

I expected that somebody will mention cryptocurrency. Yes, the platform of chemicals exchange which is based on blockchain operations not visible to people who do not participate in the trade is possible. The more strict rules of trading can push some part of society to develop this technology, so instead of control, they will get only shadows.
But I am afraid that amateurs will be not the main users of this system. So, it is better to keep an eye on different social/business/educational groups which we can use for the purpose of legalization in case they will push us to shadow.
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[*] posted on 17-9-2021 at 08:07

Man, I feel for y'all. Possession ban kicks in in a few months, yes? Glad I've got about 20 litres..............

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[*] posted on 17-9-2021 at 11:11

Quote: Originally posted by Fyndium  
Quote: Originally posted by WolfPack  
For instance, Fyndium and others have suggested to register a company, because it should be almost free as long as it doesn't generate profits. I've been told (and verified) that for some countries this is true, but for others, registering a company or even working as a freelancer isn't exactly cheap, costing up to several thousands of € per year even if your "business" is actively losing money. You've got a calculator for EU countries here: The table may take a while to load, but if it doesn't, just click on the "€ 0" to reveal the form field, write 0 again and press enter to recalculate. The important part for each city is the "Sole trader" column. The thing is, you would still need to pay health taxes, social and pension contributions, etc., depending on the case.

I don't know who and how these numbers are calculated, but they seem to exclusively presume that you live off your business.

[Edited on 16-9-2021 by Fyndium]

If you take a closer look you see the numbers are specified and include things like rent.

I have a company in the Netherlands and payed nothing. I only had to do quarterly "paperwork" four times, after which I got a letter that four times 0 means they assume it will stay 0 until I tell them otherwise. I clicked 0 four times and digitally signed for it, which was enough.
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