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Author: Subject: Competition: Idoform (or iodoform even)
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[*] posted on 22-5-2018 at 21:02

Quote: Originally posted by clearly_not_atara  
Is it possible that the issue is that you misspelled iodoform as "idoform"?

That is an easy one to misspell, but it makes little difference. It's not like the difference between DIIodomethane/DIIdomethane and DIldomethane:D

Edited to contain some real comments on the thread, instead of just the spelling of "iodo" compounds.

Seriously, though, this looks like a cool reaction. I need to find out a little more about the haloform reaction, but I kind of understand the basic principles. The methyl group on the ketone/alcohol gets oxidized on three sides, and kicked off due to other reactions with the C=O part of the ketone. I still have more to learn about this.

Iodoform also sounds less toxic than chloroform. In order to actually make it though, I'd first need to determine the concentration of my NaOH&KOH drain cleaner, and then get some iodine (or else get the ingredients to isolate it from a bunch of povidone iodine. But those are all things I should do anyhow, so I might do this reaction eventually. Good job, everyone!

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[Edited on 23-5-2018 by Vomaturge]
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[*] posted on 22-5-2018 at 21:14

What the hell is dildomethane??
Nah. Let's not go there.

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[*] posted on 23-5-2018 at 01:52

Quote: Originally posted by j_sum1  
What the hell is dildomethane??
Nah. Let's not go there.

Flatulence while using a dildo?

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[*] posted on 23-5-2018 at 07:23

I can't believe no one's mentioned QuantumCore's innovative approach:

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[*] posted on 25-5-2018 at 01:07

On the subject of dildomethane, I think there would be more of a competition in the reduction of iodoform to diiodomethane without using sodium arsenite, which is tricky stuff to get ones hands on.

As to QuantumCore's method the lack of quantitative detail makes the procedure difficult repeat and the results difficult to reproduce.
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