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Author: Subject: Latest chemical order?
Herr Haber
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[*] posted on 28-11-2022 at 16:18

Quote: Originally posted by Herr Haber  

I placed an order on the first of June having that in mind and called them to say hello today as the order was supposed to be dispatched in 3-4 days.
Apparently it's going out tomorrow so I can confirm what you said in a very polite way. They are a bit messy :)

Ok, so an update. These guys are the worst. Back in September I inquired again about three missing items: Chlorobenzene, nitrotoluene and scalpels.

The chlorobenzene was back in stock, they didnt carry anymore the scalpels I ordered (and would never have contacted me if I hadnt done it) and only had nitrotoluene in 1 liter when I'd need at most 150ml.

Today I wrote asking to send the items they had, hoping they would have received or repackaged nitrotoluene in 100ml bottles.

I got an answer asking for my IBAN...

So, I'm not sure what's still missing or is missing again from their inventory but this is what I know for sure about

Except from straight out thieves, they are the worst that I know.
If you dont see your order arriving, they will certainly *not* contact you to tell you that they are out of stock on this or that item.
Their online catalogue is bullshit, it's a whole listing but they seem to only have a tiny fraction of what they claim.
3 months to get chlorobenzene ? 6 and counting for nitrotoluene ?
And when you call, "it's in another warehouse, we'll ship tomorrow".

Efff them.

The spirit of adventure was upon me. Having nitric acid and copper, I had only to learn what the words 'act upon' meant. - Ira Remsen
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[*] posted on 28-11-2022 at 21:44

The erbium I ordered for my own xmas stocking just arrived. Yay!

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[*] posted on 29-11-2022 at 15:41

Quote: Originally posted by DraconicAcid  
The erbium I ordered for my own xmas stocking just arrived. Yay!


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[*] posted on 1-12-2022 at 09:10

Quote: Originally posted by Gammatron  
Seattle Pottery Supply has really good prices, also fireworks cookbook has the best prices and availability I've seen for things like metal powders and oxidizers.
Seattle Pottery is fantastic! I had the pleasure of shopping there in-person several years ago with two other forum members. They were quite patient in dealing with three young men who clearly knew nothing about pottery and were interested in lots of random chemicals. Though, one of the employees quipped, rather gruffly, "enjoy your fireworks" as we were leaving the store!

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